Driving in the snow

For many years I was terrified of driving in the snow with no real justification other than the near-constant refrain from my mother while I was growing up that I couldn’t go anywhere ever if there was a hint of snow.
After law school when we’d moved to Wheeling, I bought a Subaru Impreza because I wanted a small car that was good in the snow. For many years the Impreza did not disappoint. I actually got, dare I say it, CONFIDENT at driving in the snow.
Unfortunately that ended one day last February when the Impreza hit some ice and skidded into a main road and into a Cadillac SUV.


So much for my Impreza.

Thanks to global warming I have not had the opportunity to drive in the snow since then until today. And it was a doozy. I was downtown when it started snow/sleeting and I had to drive to Greenfield to get Elena from Elizabeth, then back home.
I had the opportunity to stop at Elizabeth’s, but I was afraid the roads would get worse if I waited. Sadly, this was not correct. I should have stayed there. My trip from Downtown Pittsburgh to Greenfield to the North Hills took THREE HOURS of white-knuckle driving…but you know what? I was super-careful and I made it!
So I’m not saying I’m completely recovered from my accident, but shit, if I can drive like I did today, I certainly feel better about my chances of getting around.
Elena and I had a fun time playing in the snow in the late afternoon. You know, after I had a full glass of wine at 3pm.


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