Four recipes that everyone always asks me for

(1) Vegetarian chili from Joy of Cooking. I’ve made this so many times I don’t actually need to look at the recipe any more. It’s a lovely, easy chili to make.

(2) Roasted Cumin and Chickpea Salad. This is now my go-to for when we have food parties at work. There’s always plenty of cookies and cakes and chicken and chili. This is a nice easy side dish that is healthy, gluten free if you care about that sort of thing, and a tasty alternative to the standard potluck fare.

(3) Vegetable pot pie with cheddar biscuit crust, also from Joy of Cooking . I found this blog post with the recipe when someone asked me for it, and I love sending people this because it is completely accurate. You MUST be prepared for some serious chopping if you do this recipe, but it’s really worth it. Maybe not when you’re eating dinner at 10pm on a Tuesday, but if you have some time, or a helper, it’s definitely worthwhile.

(4) Martha Stewart Rocky Ledge Bars . Basically just candy stuck together with butter and sugar. Do NOT skip the parchment paper if you make these, or you’ll need to buy a new pan. Martha is not just being fancy with this step.


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