Races this year

Last year was a bit of a banner year for me athletically. I scored THREE WHOLE GOALS in the, I don’t know, 200+ hockey games that I played. (Although percentage wise this is not fantastic, it is actually good for me as it surpassed my goal total for the entire 8 years prior by 3.)

I also ran a 5K in 25:22, which, WTH, did I have rocket shoes on? My next fastest time was 28:12 which is still rocket-shoes material, relatively speaking, but 25:22 is badass.

I also ran a half-marathon. At the beginning of 2012 I would have told you that this was the ultimate goal, but as the year went on it became apparent that this was not any sort of ultimate goal. Two reasons for this: (1) I hated running long distances and (2) the other two things were much more meaningful to me. I stumbled across the finish line, dehydrated and determined never to run that far again, in 2:28:whocares. I am completely glad I did it because I would never have known how much I hated it otherwise.

So I’ve been feeling like I should set some goals for this upcoming year, or at least figure out what races I’m going to run. I don’t have an excel spreadsheet with all my training color coded and all my races in a particular color like some people (cough, Stacey), but it’s good to have goals.

(1) I’m definitely doing the Pittsburgh marathon relay on May 5 with some ladies (the exact ladies TBD). My ladyhockey friends are getting a little group together and we have two registrations for the relay. We’re not exactly sure who all will be running it but we have a few months. We’re doing our first training run on Sunday!
(2) I want to do Burgh’s 10K on April 21. I love Burgh’s and it’s my understanding that there will be pizza at the finish line. I haven’t signed up yet and may end up chickening out and doing the 5K (as I did with the Great Race last year) but
(3) The run where I got my awesome time was the Superhero Run, which is April 27 this year. On the one hand I *should* do it because it’s a run where some friends get together afterward and eat. And it’s an awesome cause. On the other hand I may be sad because there’s no way I’ll get that time again. So I’m on the fence about that one.
(4) I would sign up for Just a Short Run on March 30 for sure (probably just the 5K) if someone could guarantee that it will be at least 35 degrees.
(5) And some others. I think I did ~8 total last year so ~3 is clearly not acceptable. I need to find one that’s not all crowded and crazy.

Let’s now see how long it will take Stacey to comment about (a) how her spreadsheet is totally not crazy (while in reality it’s actually so much crazier than you’d imagine) and (b) at least five races I should plan on doing with her. Which I WILL NOT DO if they are 1/2 marathons, so, find something else to suggest, Stacey.



Elena started at a new daycare today.  She’ll be going there three days a week, and still to her old one 1-2 days a week.  The old one is an in-home day care situation, where she’s with a couple of other kids in a lady’s house.  We have been going to a combination of this lady and her daughter since we moved here in July 2010 and we like them.  But since Elena just turned 3 we wanted to start exposing her to a more school-like environment with kids her own age.

Things I am most looking forward to about this change:

  1. Maybe someone else will potty train my child
  2. Not having to prepare breakfast, lunch and snack every morning
  3. Receiving crafts made by my child that I can proudly display on my desk at work

Things I am most not looking forward to about this change:

  1. Increase in birthday party invitations
  2. Increase in illness
  3. Elena making friends with kids where I am not already friends with the parents, forcing me to interact with parents that maybe I won’t like (see also #1)

Drop-off today was generally non-traumatic.  She wanted us to stay with her, we told her school was for teachers and kids, she said OK, and we left.  She’s pretty social so I think she’ll be fine.  

What did I forget?

I will post more about our trip later on (although, let me tell you, “vacation” with a three year old is not exactly edge-of-your-seat gripping), but I had a thought during vacation that I wanted to post about but didn’t have wireless on my iPad so I couldn’t. Or didn’t want to bother I guess. Either way!

It’s basically inevitable that I will forget something on any trip. The question is not so much “will I remember everything I need?” but rather “what will the nature of the omission be?” A few years ago Elena and I went to Florida and I (a) forgot to get to the airport on time and (b) forgot my cell phone in the car. That was the worst in recent memory. About five years ago Ben and I went to an out of town wedding and I forgot my hairbrush. That is generally a bad one unless there are drugstores readily available (we were in Olean, New York, which presumably has drugstores, but not exactly on every corner). I stole a fork from the wedding just in case, but we managed to find a place where I could get a new brush. Or something. I don’t remember details but I know I didn’t actually have to use the fork to brush my hair.

This trip I was lucky. I only forgot my flip flops (for walking through to the hotel pool), my contact lens case and my toothpaste. The latter two of these items were easily replaceable with reasonable workarounds in the meantime. The first night I used the hotel disposable glasses for my contact storage needs, and Ben had enough toothpaste to cover me (I’ve used Elena’s toothpaste in a similar situation in the past – unsatisfying). The next night we found a CVS for contact cases and, BONUS, the hotel had toothpaste sitting in the bathroom! It’s like they knew.

As for the flip flops, we only used the pool once, so I just wore my Danskos and looked like an idiot.


This week sandy and I are on vacation. Last year around this time we picked this week to take a trip to Florida. My uncle has a condo in fort myers we were going to use and it was going to be a nice relaxing warm trip. Then the reality hit that this year we did not plan it right and we could not find air fair that was going to make it possible.  I wish yahoo would of posted an article six months ago that they just put up today. It talked about the best day to buy air fair. If I would of known this then maybe the family could be in a nice warm place right now instead of freezing like the rest of Pittsburgh is.

But on the other hand staying here has helped get some things done and also helped me find out things that I did not know.  For instance I never knew how weird  it was to sleep with a mouthpiece in. Ive been told that I grind my teeth while I sleep. So the dentist made me a mouthpiece to sleep to help save my teeth.  The day before I got the mouthpiece I had one of the best night sleep  I had in a long time. I slept till 9. I felt great waking up, it was amazing. Now with the mouthpiece it stinks. Going to sleep at night is not a problem, but Ive started to wake up earlier and earlier. yesterday it was 6 today it was 4. I have stayed in bed and gone back to sleep on this days so I can try to get somewhat of a full nights sleep. But its only for a half hour to an hour a shot. A reason this might be happening is that I wake up with really dry mouth and it bothers me a lot. I guess I am going to have to start going to bed with a glass of water next to the bed. I just hope I don’t start peeing the bed. 

Another thing I learned yesterday was that contacts expire. I’m on my last pair from the last time I went and they have been bothering me and making my eyes red. So since I had some free time (sort of) yesterday it was time for a trip to three guys optical. Well it turns out that the reason they were making my eyes bother me was the last appointment I had was in jan of 2011. They told me I should of been there in jan of 2012 to get new ones because they start going bad after enough time goes by. So I told them ok lets order me some new ones. Well turns out that was not going to happen without an appointment, since its been two years since my last one. I was luck they had a spot open today so I going to be able to get new ones. But this is turning into too much stuff to do. Especially since we leave for 5 days in dc this afternoon.


We went to Uncle Don’s house to “see what we wanted to keep for ourselves” which translates loosely into “looting.”  Uncle Don had a tendency to never through anything out ever ever ever, which is both frustrating (seriously, report cards from the 40s?) and fascinating (seriously, report cards from the 40s!).  Nothing of any serious value, but plenty of interest.

I took some pictures of some of the stuff we came home with.


Aftershave in a container shaped like an owl, genuine Generic Brand plastic wrap, and one of those nut chopper things that are basically illegal now because someone chopped the shit out of their hand and sued (we read the case about these nut choppers in first-year Torts), all on a Caloric stove.  (This is the only picture I took AT Uncle Don’s house.  We were too busy looking through drawers and such.)


This is the booklet that the hospital gave my grandmother in 1937 when she brought my uncle home from the hospital.  WHAT!  Also his birth certificate.  WHAT WHAT!  This book is fantastic. I can’t wait to read it.


A meat slicer (perfect for Treet, which is what Uncle Don ate instead of Spam), a spaghetti fork that spins, and an old toffee tin. Image

This car was on the wall.  I always thought it was kind of cool.





Fancy brush and shoehorn set.


This might actually be worth something?  Vintage typewriter (Ben looked it up and thinks it’s from the 50s).  Even if it’s not it’s pretty cool.

Plenty more where this came from.





Cleveland Trip

Elena and I went to Cleveland this weekend.  We did a Saturday-after-gymnastics-through-Monday-morning trip.  I had off today because of the holiday but we actually took the whole week off (see previous posts regarding our upcoming trip to DC) so it definitely feels vacation-y.  Actually now that we’re back it feels like the next few days are the weekend and then our next trip will be the beginning of the week.

Anyway.  We had a lovely time staying with my college friend Catherine and her family in their shiny new house, and we visited my college friend Brad and his family as well.  We all have kids around the same ages and I really enjoy having the opportunity to let Elena play with kids her own age while I sit on the couch watching football and drinking.  Because truly, that’s what parenting is all about.

Here are some pictures.  Some of these I put on Facebook but you, as readers of my blog, get extras.


Remember when it wasn’t 15 degrees out, back on Saturday?  Yeah, me either.
more swingset
Matilda, Luke and Elena
Elena and Matilda playing on the ATV
Brad and Addie


Golden Globes

Last night were the Golden Globes, which are my favorite of the awards ceremonies because they separate comedy and drama categories. As a former participant in forensics tournaments I appreciate that this is an important distinction. They are completely different skill sets. They should be judged separately. Good comedy is effortless. But people tend to get distracted by scenery chewing dramatic interpretations and they always win when they are judged together. They are appropriately separate in the Golden Globes.

This is why I will be constantly irritated that Amy Poehler has never won a major award. Her work on Parks and Recreation is truly, truly funny. But because she makes it look easy, Julie Bowen keeps winning shit. I like Julie Bowen just fine but (in the words of Gob Bluth, formerly married to Amy Poehler) COME ON. (Similarly Jason Bateman is hilarious and will probably never win anything ever because he’s the straight man.) Parks and Rec is just the best show on TV these days and if you are not watching it you should feel legitimate shame.

Last night Lena Dunham won instead of Amy Poehler. I started watching Girls last week and I very much enjoyed it. it is unique and subtly funny and I like that sort of thing. So I’m slightly more ok with that, but regardless I will never be happy until Amy Poehler wins, which will never happen.

I’m also a little peeved about musicals being lumped in with comedies because all the scenery-chewers in Les Mis got all the awards. No matter how fantastic Anne Hathaway’s hair is these days.

At least Maggie Smith wins everything. That’s legit.