The new year

As hammer and psy rang in the new year last night with ryan seacrest, everyone in our home was in bed. I was able to make it to midnight thanks to the movie moonrise kingdom. We were done watching it around 1130 and it was off to bed. But I could not fall asleep right away because I needed to go to imdb and check out the movie trivia section for the movie. So because of that I was able to make it to midnight. For some reason after I watch a movie I really enjoy I go and check out what fun things I can find out about a movie to help me like it more than I already did.  I was going to try to give a review of this movie but I don’t think I can give a great review of the movie because it’s a wes anderson directed movie. I have noticed over the years that you either love him or hate him as a director. Not too many people have a middle ground with him. Oddly enough I am one of those middle ground. I’ve enjoyed a couple of his movies. Especially rushmore and bottle rocket. But tenebaums and life aquatic im not big fans of. So take me backing of this movie as a good thing.

I have found a review that does sum up the movie but I say watch the movie before reading it.


One thought on “The new year

  1. I like how when I read this, it was totally in Ben’s voice. Mike and I liked Moonrise Kingdom, too. My favorite part was “i love you, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

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