We’ve all been sick in our house, which is unfortunately timed with our vacation. First we had grumpy tummies, then headaches, then sinus issues, and then runny noses and coughs. It’s pretty fun to be in the car with us right now. There are a lot of boogers. It’s too bad, because we’re missing out on trips to the library and the science center and all that whatnot we do around town when we’re on vacation.

Yesterday my mom called me that my Uncle Don was having chest pains and was taken to the hospital, then life-flighted to another hospital for what sounds like pretty scary heart surgery. He’s 75. As of right now he’s doing fine but no one has been there to see him yet (he’s not really see-able at this point) so I feel like we don’t have a full picture of what exactly happened and what’s going on. (I’m actually surprised that they were able to give updates over the phone, given HIPAA. I told them I was his niece but they didn’t even ask for my name, and they told me all these details of his surgery.)

Uncle Don has come to my kickball games for something in excess of five years. It’s something for him to do. Here’s the team with our most recent championship in the summer. Uncle Don is, you know, the old one.

Here’s hoping he has a speed recovery!


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