I think for the first time this week. Everyone is feeling a little better today. Its starting to look like today will be the day we get to go to the science center. which is very exciting since I have not seen how they redid the trains yet. the last time I was there the trains were shut down for a renovation. So I am hoping they did make some small changes.

Now that I am starting to be unsick. I have to start running again. Thanksgiving was the last day I did a long run. I have the Pittsburgh half marathon coming up in may and I know I have to train for it. But truthfully I hate running when its cold out. I know what your thinking why don’t you run on your treadmill inside where it is warm. But in my head I still know its cold outside and will not want to run. I would rather be playing with the child or sitting on the couch than running. I somehow need to motivation but at this moment I do knot know where to get it.


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