Golden Globes

Last night were the Golden Globes, which are my favorite of the awards ceremonies because they separate comedy and drama categories. As a former participant in forensics tournaments I appreciate that this is an important distinction. They are completely different skill sets. They should be judged separately. Good comedy is effortless. But people tend to get distracted by scenery chewing dramatic interpretations and they always win when they are judged together. They are appropriately separate in the Golden Globes.

This is why I will be constantly irritated that Amy Poehler has never won a major award. Her work on Parks and Recreation is truly, truly funny. But because she makes it look easy, Julie Bowen keeps winning shit. I like Julie Bowen just fine but (in the words of Gob Bluth, formerly married to Amy Poehler) COME ON. (Similarly Jason Bateman is hilarious and will probably never win anything ever because he’s the straight man.) Parks and Rec is just the best show on TV these days and if you are not watching it you should feel legitimate shame.

Last night Lena Dunham won instead of Amy Poehler. I started watching Girls last week and I very much enjoyed it. it is unique and subtly funny and I like that sort of thing. So I’m slightly more ok with that, but regardless I will never be happy until Amy Poehler wins, which will never happen.

I’m also a little peeved about musicals being lumped in with comedies because all the scenery-chewers in Les Mis got all the awards. No matter how fantastic Anne Hathaway’s hair is these days.

At least Maggie Smith wins everything. That’s legit.


6 thoughts on “Golden Globes

  1. I saw some clips on Hulu last night (mostly to watch Tina and Amy, because I love both of them), and I was like “WHO IS THIS LENA BITCH EVERYONE KEEPS TALKING ABOUT.” I don’t get it. Girls is not on The Hulu, so I may never know. ALSO HOW DID I MISS AMY/WILL BREAKING UP? This makes me so sad. I can’t even explain why. But it does.

    • Lena Dunham is legit. I had to buy Girls on Amazon Prime but I decided to do it last week due to my Very Bad Week and I’m glad I did. It’s interesting.

      Heartbroken about Poehler-Arnett breakup. No idea how you missed it. I posted about it on Facebook when it happened!

  2. I was just discussing, via email with my cousin, that they need to make the categories just drama and comedy, and let musicals fall wherever appropriate. So Les Mis would be in the drama category, but the fluffier musicals would be comedy, and all would at least be a little more fair.

    (Hi, look, I did put you in google reader!)

  3. I’m obsessed with Girls to an unhealthy degree, but I do agree that Amy Poehler deserves the award over Lena Dunham. Lena’s just getting her training wheels off. Amy Poehler has it perfected.

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