Cleveland Trip

Elena and I went to Cleveland this weekend.  We did a Saturday-after-gymnastics-through-Monday-morning trip.  I had off today because of the holiday but we actually took the whole week off (see previous posts regarding our upcoming trip to DC) so it definitely feels vacation-y.  Actually now that we’re back it feels like the next few days are the weekend and then our next trip will be the beginning of the week.

Anyway.  We had a lovely time staying with my college friend Catherine and her family in their shiny new house, and we visited my college friend Brad and his family as well.  We all have kids around the same ages and I really enjoy having the opportunity to let Elena play with kids her own age while I sit on the couch watching football and drinking.  Because truly, that’s what parenting is all about.

Here are some pictures.  Some of these I put on Facebook but you, as readers of my blog, get extras.


Remember when it wasn’t 15 degrees out, back on Saturday?  Yeah, me either.
more swingset
Matilda, Luke and Elena
Elena and Matilda playing on the ATV
Brad and Addie



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