We went to Uncle Don’s house to “see what we wanted to keep for ourselves” which translates loosely into “looting.”  Uncle Don had a tendency to never through anything out ever ever ever, which is both frustrating (seriously, report cards from the 40s?) and fascinating (seriously, report cards from the 40s!).  Nothing of any serious value, but plenty of interest.

I took some pictures of some of the stuff we came home with.


Aftershave in a container shaped like an owl, genuine Generic Brand plastic wrap, and one of those nut chopper things that are basically illegal now because someone chopped the shit out of their hand and sued (we read the case about these nut choppers in first-year Torts), all on a Caloric stove.  (This is the only picture I took AT Uncle Don’s house.  We were too busy looking through drawers and such.)


This is the booklet that the hospital gave my grandmother in 1937 when she brought my uncle home from the hospital.  WHAT!  Also his birth certificate.  WHAT WHAT!  This book is fantastic. I can’t wait to read it.


A meat slicer (perfect for Treet, which is what Uncle Don ate instead of Spam), a spaghetti fork that spins, and an old toffee tin. Image

This car was on the wall.  I always thought it was kind of cool.





Fancy brush and shoehorn set.


This might actually be worth something?  Vintage typewriter (Ben looked it up and thinks it’s from the 50s).  Even if it’s not it’s pretty cool.

Plenty more where this came from.






3 thoughts on “Looting

  1. My Grandma has an entire wall full of those aftershave containers/perfume containers. Is it Avon? She wants me to sell them on The Ebay. Also, Elena will love the bells. They are a perfect way to remember Uncle Don.

    • I have no idea where it is from! The Deep 70s I suspect. There were others there, I got one that has a horse head. Hahaha. Elena WILL like the bells but I’m going to hold them back until she’s a little older. There’s also a piano, which I think my mom will get, but I’m hoping she can take piano lessons in a couple years. In the meantime there are bongos.

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