This week sandy and I are on vacation. Last year around this time we picked this week to take a trip to Florida. My uncle has a condo in fort myers we were going to use and it was going to be a nice relaxing warm trip. Then the reality hit that this year we did not plan it right and we could not find air fair that was going to make it possible.  I wish yahoo would of posted an article six months ago that they just put up today. It talked about the best day to buy air fair. If I would of known this then maybe the family could be in a nice warm place right now instead of freezing like the rest of Pittsburgh is.

But on the other hand staying here has helped get some things done and also helped me find out things that I did not know.  For instance I never knew how weird  it was to sleep with a mouthpiece in. Ive been told that I grind my teeth while I sleep. So the dentist made me a mouthpiece to sleep to help save my teeth.  The day before I got the mouthpiece I had one of the best night sleep  I had in a long time. I slept till 9. I felt great waking up, it was amazing. Now with the mouthpiece it stinks. Going to sleep at night is not a problem, but Ive started to wake up earlier and earlier. yesterday it was 6 today it was 4. I have stayed in bed and gone back to sleep on this days so I can try to get somewhat of a full nights sleep. But its only for a half hour to an hour a shot. A reason this might be happening is that I wake up with really dry mouth and it bothers me a lot. I guess I am going to have to start going to bed with a glass of water next to the bed. I just hope I don’t start peeing the bed. 

Another thing I learned yesterday was that contacts expire. I’m on my last pair from the last time I went and they have been bothering me and making my eyes red. So since I had some free time (sort of) yesterday it was time for a trip to three guys optical. Well it turns out that the reason they were making my eyes bother me was the last appointment I had was in jan of 2011. They told me I should of been there in jan of 2012 to get new ones because they start going bad after enough time goes by. So I told them ok lets order me some new ones. Well turns out that was not going to happen without an appointment, since its been two years since my last one. I was luck they had a spot open today so I going to be able to get new ones. But this is turning into too much stuff to do. Especially since we leave for 5 days in dc this afternoon.


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