What did I forget?

I will post more about our trip later on (although, let me tell you, “vacation” with a three year old is not exactly edge-of-your-seat gripping), but I had a thought during vacation that I wanted to post about but didn’t have wireless on my iPad so I couldn’t. Or didn’t want to bother I guess. Either way!

It’s basically inevitable that I will forget something on any trip. The question is not so much “will I remember everything I need?” but rather “what will the nature of the omission be?” A few years ago Elena and I went to Florida and I (a) forgot to get to the airport on time and (b) forgot my cell phone in the car. That was the worst in recent memory. About five years ago Ben and I went to an out of town wedding and I forgot my hairbrush. That is generally a bad one unless there are drugstores readily available (we were in Olean, New York, which presumably has drugstores, but not exactly on every corner). I stole a fork from the wedding just in case, but we managed to find a place where I could get a new brush. Or something. I don’t remember details but I know I didn’t actually have to use the fork to brush my hair.

This trip I was lucky. I only forgot my flip flops (for walking through to the hotel pool), my contact lens case and my toothpaste. The latter two of these items were easily replaceable with reasonable workarounds in the meantime. The first night I used the hotel disposable glasses for my contact storage needs, and Ben had enough toothpaste to cover me (I’ve used Elena’s toothpaste in a similar situation in the past – unsatisfying). The next night we found a CVS for contact cases and, BONUS, the hotel had toothpaste sitting in the bathroom! It’s like they knew.

As for the flip flops, we only used the pool once, so I just wore my Danskos and looked like an idiot.


4 thoughts on “What did I forget?

  1. when i went to the temple retreat a couple weeks ago, I literally forgot my entire toiletry bag. i was able to get a replacement toothbrush/paste from the desk, but no luck with deodorant. And I didn’t have time to go buy deodorant because it was only a 1 day retreat. So I just hoped for the best. No one complained about my stink, so I guess it wasn’t too offensive.

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