Elena started at a new daycare today.  She’ll be going there three days a week, and still to her old one 1-2 days a week.  The old one is an in-home day care situation, where she’s with a couple of other kids in a lady’s house.  We have been going to a combination of this lady and her daughter since we moved here in July 2010 and we like them.  But since Elena just turned 3 we wanted to start exposing her to a more school-like environment with kids her own age.

Things I am most looking forward to about this change:

  1. Maybe someone else will potty train my child
  2. Not having to prepare breakfast, lunch and snack every morning
  3. Receiving crafts made by my child that I can proudly display on my desk at work

Things I am most not looking forward to about this change:

  1. Increase in birthday party invitations
  2. Increase in illness
  3. Elena making friends with kids where I am not already friends with the parents, forcing me to interact with parents that maybe I won’t like (see also #1)

Drop-off today was generally non-traumatic.  She wanted us to stay with her, we told her school was for teachers and kids, she said OK, and we left.  She’s pretty social so I think she’ll be fine.  


2 thoughts on “Daycare

  1. With Rachel, although there was a surge of illness at first, it has tapered off. She doesn’t get sick that often any more. (Why I’M getting sick all the darn time, I have no idea). Honestly, I just drop her off and go, so I know the teachers but not any of the parents, which also means no increase in birthday party invitations. I don’t think any of the kids at her daycare are inviting other kids to birthdays at this age.

    • I think the party invitations for everyone in the class start in the next couple years, like at 3 or 4. Meanwhile I will enjoy not getting more invitations. She’s not gotten sick yet, so, bonus.

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