Races this year

Last year was a bit of a banner year for me athletically. I scored THREE WHOLE GOALS in the, I don’t know, 200+ hockey games that I played. (Although percentage wise this is not fantastic, it is actually good for me as it surpassed my goal total for the entire 8 years prior by 3.)

I also ran a 5K in 25:22, which, WTH, did I have rocket shoes on? My next fastest time was 28:12 which is still rocket-shoes material, relatively speaking, but 25:22 is badass.

I also ran a half-marathon. At the beginning of 2012 I would have told you that this was the ultimate goal, but as the year went on it became apparent that this was not any sort of ultimate goal. Two reasons for this: (1) I hated running long distances and (2) the other two things were much more meaningful to me. I stumbled across the finish line, dehydrated and determined never to run that far again, in 2:28:whocares. I am completely glad I did it because I would never have known how much I hated it otherwise.

So I’ve been feeling like I should set some goals for this upcoming year, or at least figure out what races I’m going to run. I don’t have an excel spreadsheet with all my training color coded and all my races in a particular color like some people (cough, Stacey), but it’s good to have goals.

(1) I’m definitely doing the Pittsburgh marathon relay on May 5 with some ladies (the exact ladies TBD). My ladyhockey friends are getting a little group together and we have two registrations for the relay. We’re not exactly sure who all will be running it but we have a few months. We’re doing our first training run on Sunday!
(2) I want to do Burgh’s 10K on April 21. I love Burgh’s and it’s my understanding that there will be pizza at the finish line. I haven’t signed up yet and may end up chickening out and doing the 5K (as I did with the Great Race last year) but
(3) The run where I got my awesome time was the Superhero Run, which is April 27 this year. On the one hand I *should* do it because it’s a run where some friends get together afterward and eat. And it’s an awesome cause. On the other hand I may be sad because there’s no way I’ll get that time again. So I’m on the fence about that one.
(4) I would sign up for Just a Short Run on March 30 for sure (probably just the 5K) if someone could guarantee that it will be at least 35 degrees.
(5) And some others. I think I did ~8 total last year so ~3 is clearly not acceptable. I need to find one that’s not all crowded and crazy.

Let’s now see how long it will take Stacey to comment about (a) how her spreadsheet is totally not crazy (while in reality it’s actually so much crazier than you’d imagine) and (b) at least five races I should plan on doing with her. Which I WILL NOT DO if they are 1/2 marathons, so, find something else to suggest, Stacey.


5 thoughts on “Races this year

  1. My spreadsheet is totally not crazy.

    Five Races you should do with me:

    Any option of the JASR
    You are technically doing the Pittsburgh Half as am I
    Find me a 5K to do in April
    Ogden 5K in May
    Find me a 5K in June

    Done. Took me 6 minutes.

      • You ARE doing Pittsburgh, just as part of the relay. So that counts as us “doing a race together.” I seriously do want to do some 5Ks. I CONTEMPLATED DOING THE DEBBIE GREEN BECAUSE I WANT ANOTHER 5K MEDAL. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?

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