I basically shut down when it’s extremely cold and/or snowy.  Years of never being allowed to drive in the snow while growing up has left me…unable to drive in the snow.  (A pretty bad accident last February has not helped matters.)  And I have made it sort of an unofficial priority in my life to spend some time outside every day.  After some training I’ve gotten to the point where I can run outdoors, provided the ground is clear and it’s above 30 degrees.  Unfortunately the past few weeks have meant snow on the ground and temperatures below 20 degrees, so I’ve taken myself inside for the most part.

You’d think I’d enjoy this time as a period of relaxation, rejuvenation, and maybe some light reading and/or housekeeping projects, but you’d be wrong.  Mostly I sit on the couch eating candy in my bathrobe and thinking about how hungry I am and how I’ve watched too much TV today but I can’t bear to get up. 

So I feel totally useless and unaccomplished.  But, I did manage to wash all the blankets over the weekend.  So at least I smell nice while feeling useless and unaccomplished.


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