Favorite Movies?

Yesterday was (I guess?) a bit of a slow day at work so one of my coworkers decided to email our whole department asking for our lists of top five movies of all time. So everyone emailed everyone their favorites all afternoon.

My criteria for a favorite movie is one that I can watch over and over again. These are therefore not the best movies I have ever seen. That would be a much tougher list. Most people at work seemed to have the same criteria as me. The lists were replete with movies from whatever era people grew up in, big blockbusters, popular favorites.

There was a lot of cheating. Five is five. The Godfather 1 and 2 do not count as a single movie. You can’t have a tie between two Indiana Jones movies. Please.

Anyway, my top five (that came into my head, yesterday when I was coming up with this list, and therefore subject to change) are Better off Dead, Anne of Green Gables, The Sound of Music, Blues Brothers, and Spice World.

Ben has Strong Feelings about Lists and I understand he will be posting his thoughts on this topic at a later time. Meanwhile I will be doing some thinking about what I would consider the top five BEST movies of all time.


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