Running Group Week 1

We had our first group run this morning for our marathon-relay-training-team.  It went really well!  There are 14 people in the Facebook group and 9 people came to the run, which is pretty phenomenal.  (I think I mentioned this before, but we have two five-person relay teams registered.  Some of the people in the group are running the half and offered to run a leg if we needed someone.  Some of the people are relatively new to running and just wanted to run with a group, but could probably take a leg if needed.  So we have more than enough people for the two teams, in theory, but we haven’t quite figured out who exactly is running which leg.)  We ran the Eliza Furnace Trail – some of us did about 5 miles, and others turned around earlier.  Because it’s an out-and-back it worked out well to do it that way. 

And afterward there were pancakes.  I like running with people!

Next week I think we’ll do something around PNC Park.  We have people from all over the city so I want to try to keep them mostly centrally located, or if we go north one week we should go south another week, or similar.


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