I’m starting a new position at work today. It’s something of a lateral move, not associated with any additional money, but I do get a slightly different title, a new office (which is not really that impressive as I’ve had four different offices in the time I’ve been there) and, most importantly, I’ll be doing something different. I’ve been doing my current work for a year and it’s time to mix it up a bit. I’ll still do some of that work but it won’t be my primary focus. I’m excited about these changes for a variety of reasons.

I also just wrote out a check to pay off my big credit card. Due to some bad planning in the early 2000’s I’ve been carrying around a bunch of credit card debt for over 10 years. I tried a couple things to pay it off but it wasn’t working (this is my fault too, because I like to do things like shop and go on vacation).

I wish I had some sort of secret I could share on what ultimately happened, but what ultimately happened was that Uncle Don passed away and left me basically exactly enough money to pay off the debt (and, like, buy myself one shirt). So rather than irresponsibly spending this money on a fancy vacation and *mostly* paying off the card (which has been my M.O. in the past), it’s now all gone (or will be as soon as this check I wrote clears). Now I’ll have some extra money every month that was going to minimum payments and I can, I don’t know, save it or something (although it’s more likely I’ll just use it to buy candy – NO I am kidding – although I do have to be careful not to do that).

I’m working 12-8:30 today and I’m stopping at the mall this morning to run some errands. Based on the changes I’ve described above, a trip to the mall is a dangerous idea. I will attempt to be strong.


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