Late Shift

Even though I have a Professional Job, I still have “shift work” in that a few days a month I work 12-8:30 instead of 9-5:30.  Everyone in my position does this (or most people, I should say) and we have 3-4 people working this shift.  We do this because we are an International Law Firm and we have to provide service to our west coast offices or they would be cross.  I guess there is some talk of opening a west coast office at some point, but in the meantime we do these shifts.

Although a lot of people complain about it, I truly don’t mind it.  When you have a toddler and you get home from work fairly late in the evening, it’s pretty much dinner/bath/bed every night.  Having the opportunity to spend a couple mornings with my child is nice.  Plus if I ever need to go to the doctor I don’t have to take any time from work, I can just work it around my late shifts.  Granted, this all only works because Ben typically does pickup of Elena anyway and it’s pretty rare that he gets stuck late at work.  

However, due to bad planning, I’ve scheduled three late shifts in a row this week.  There are some benefits to knocking it all out at once but generally I don’t like to do it this way.  It makes it difficult to do, you know, anything else at all this week.  Plus I can’t take spin class at lunch.  On the other hand, they cover parking when I’m on late shift so I will save some money this week (which I’m sure I will then spend on 5:15 chips and guacamole).


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