This spring marks the tenth year (not tenth season – tenth year) of me playing recreational kickball with the Pittsburgh Sports League. I moved to Pittsburgh in the fall of 2002. When the winter 2003 season started I started playing hockey, and when the spring season started I started playing kickball. I’ve had to take some time off from hockey due to injuries, pregnancy, that sort of thing, but I’ve never really taken any significant time from playing kickball. (I think there was one season we didn’t get a team in. Maybe two. Also Marshall made me stop playing once I was about five months pregnant.) The team I’ve been on has gone through all kinds of changes, but we’ve had more or less the same core group of people since 2007 or so. We’ve even won a few championships.

At some point that I can’t remember Uncle Don started coming to our games fairly regularly. The field we were normally at was not too far from his house and he was usually looking for something to do and a chance to catch up with me. Eventually he became sort of the team mascot and would even go to games if I wasn’t there. He kept score and kept track of the lineup, so he had a job to do in addition to being the #1 team fan. We are going to miss him this year. I have his stadium cushions and clappers at the ready for our memorial place on the bench for him.

A couple of weeks ago I learned our captain of several years (Marshall) was not able to play due to child care/scheduling conflicts. Disaster! Fortunately Chad stepped up and offered to captain. Unfortunately Chad didn’t register our team in time so we thought we’d have to sit the season out. Fortunately a new field opened up so we are able to play after all. It’s been a roller coaster of emotion!

Anyway, I’m glad to be continuing my kickball tradition, although it’s going to be weird without Uncle Don and without Marshall (specifically I think we’ll all miss it when Marshall yelled “I GOT IT” and Uncle Don yelled “I HOPE SO”). We start April 1.


Midsomer Murders

When we were in DC back in January, I was watching PBS while I was at the gym (because I’m 65 years old) and this British murder mystery show Midsomer Murders came on.


Each episode is over an hour and a half, but I didn’t know that at the time and I got really into what was happening and then the first half of the episode was over. Like, right after a liquor cabinet had fallen on someone. (Each episode has at least three murders.) I was like, I MUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS. (Although I very much enjoy murder mysteries I’m generally pretty bad at figuring out who did it.)

Fortunately this show is on Netflix and there are 15 years’ worth of episodes available. My original episode was in season 4, first airing in 2000, and was “Destroying Angel” (people get poisoned by mushrooms, in addition to the liquor cabinet death). So I just picked up from there. Due to cheap gas prices and a boyfriend who lived in England, I was in England several times in the 2000-2001 period so I am particularly enjoying this period of time because LOOKIT, I WAS THERE THEN.

Anyway, this show is enjoyable but completely incongruous with, you know, everything. Why am I watching it? Why do I want to keep watching it? Why isn’t EVERYBODY watching it???? Who can say. I stayed up late to finish “Tainted Fruit” last night and I’m going to have to force myself not to start another new episode until next week or something.


I usually have a nemesis in hockey.  It’s a person that I have carefully selected to hate, and I pour all my effort into hating this person a lot, usually for fairly stupid reasons, but the ultimate underlying reason is always that they’re a good player and they can beat me all the time.

My nemesis changes.  For a while it was Billy.  Billy is like 2% body fat and he’s fantastic at hockey and terrifying and I hated him.  I had so much rage that I actually got into a (verbal) fight with a girl just because she was on his team and it was terrible.  But then something happened (no idea what) and we’re friendly now.  We play each other in Words with Friends.  He’s very good at that too.  Why is he GOOD AT EVERYTHING.Image

Here is a picture of Billy taking a shot.  Look how good he is.

My most recent nemesis is someone whose name I’m not going to provide because I still kind of think he’s a dick.  We were on the same team for a while and I didn’t like how he organized the lines.  I usually play defense and he had me playing offense.  I did not think that was a good use of me or of the other guys on our team who kind of sucked at defense. I stopped playing on the team after a while, which was almost worse because this guy is also, of course, really good, so I had to play against him, and he always beat me and I hate him and hate.  

One game this fall I agreed to sub for a team and it turned out he was on the team.  DAMMIT.  However it actually went well!  Rather than acting like he wished I didn’t exist, he actually kind of helped me out with telling me where to go and where he was so I could pass him the ball. So now I don’t hate him as much.

My original nemesis was this girl Amy who I’ve been playing against off and on for something like ten years.  Amy is so good!  She’s really athletic and businesslike and competitive, and she doesn’t play hockey seven days a week so she’s just sort of naturally good at it.  I’m always, always lined up against her and you can’t let her go because she will SCORE and you have to be CAREFUL.

On Tuesday we needed a sub so I wouldn’t have to play the entire game, and another girl on my team who’s friends with Amy asked her to play and she said she would.  I NEVER would have asked her, but she was SO NICE and SO SUPPORTIVE.  It was really super pleasant to play with her and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I guess basically what I am saying is, I always have a nemesis, but I am stupid, because my nemesis situation is completely made up and I should probably stop.

Date night dinner

Last saturday, sandy and I had grandma patty  come over so we can go out to eat a nice meal. We tried at the last minute to get reservations at morton steak house and ruth chris steakhouse. they had times open but nothing we were interested in. So we decided to go to echo in cranberry. It was the first time either of us has been there. We both had the filet mignon. We did get different apps and desserts. We both had a great evening together.



Since my last post.

It’s somehow already gotten to Wednesday. Here are some things I’ve been up to.

Here is a video of Elena singing happy birthday to Stacey.

We didn’t have any plans Sunday and Elena wanted to go see the dinosaurs. She learned about this option from…TV? Friends? No idea really. She was interested in the dinosaurs, then scared, then we had to go look at other gemstones and artwork, and then she wanted to go home, and then she didn’t want to go home but she did want fruit snacks.





Playing in the Discovery Room

Playing in the Discovery Room

The weather was so nice on Sunday that we got to go outside for a little while. These pictures are deceptive because due to the time change and the skipped nap (too excited about dinosaurs to sleep) Elena was miserable for much of Sunday. I guess I was only pointing the camera at her when she wasn’t actually crying.

Nice Day!

Nice Day!

Finally here is a picture Elena took of her breakfast the other day.

Milk and Yogurt

Milk and Yogurt


I’m actually being smart about my injury and resting this week.  This means that I’m super depressed, because I absolutely hate not working out.  

(1) When I work out I feel like I don’t have to worry AS much about what I eat.  Not like I’m going to have shamrock shakes every day (which I just found out have 82 GRAMS of sugar in a small, I wish I didn’t know that) but I’m not second-guessing every piece of chocolate or cup of yogurt I pick up.

(2) Working out gets out the scrinchies.

(3) I usually go to the gym at lunch, and it’s a nice way to break up the day.  Today I didn’t even take a lunch.

My injury is getting better, but I want it to heal completely because I want to be sure I can run in the marathon relay and in at least one other 5K I’ve already signed up for at the end of April.  It mostly hurts in the morning and occasionally when I bend over using too much of my back and not enough of my legs.  

So the plan is to try again on Sunday, slowly, and to just sort of do some stretching in between now and then.  And to hope I don’t go apeshit in the meantime.


Overnight between Saturday and Sunday Elena woke up throwing up.  She was sick a couple of times.  I obviously went to my hockey tournament anyway (Bad Mother of the Year Award nominee!) but Ben and his mom were at home with Elena in the morning and mostly she wanted to sleep and cuddle with whoever was nearby so it didn’t really matter that I wasn’t there.

I took off work today because she was just too sick yesterday to think about taking her out of the house all day today.  We slept in and she was kind of whiny in the morning, but then she wanted to get the heck out of the house, so we went out for a little bit.  This was followed by a three-hour nap and at this point she’s feeling so much better she’s practically bouncing off the walls.  I guess two straight days of “eat whatever you want, baby, as long as you can keep it down” will do that to a kid.  Anyway, I’m glad it was short-lived and that she’s feeling better.

Knock on wood we have been so lucky with her not getting sick.  I think this is the second time this sort of thing has happened.

I, on the other hand, am still suffering from the slip and fall I took in our last game yesterday, the brunt of which was borne by my left buttock.  There’s a sharp pain whenever I move in a certain couple of ways, so off to the doctor I go to ensure that I do the right things to make it heal properly.  And no more hockey for me this week 😦  I don’t know that it’s necessarily a bruised tailbone like I suggested yesterday, but it’s something that requires some attention.