My paperweight!



9 thoughts on “My paperweight!

    • I have no idea. The one near Frank’s work, I’m gonna guess, and I think we’re doing it on Thursday, since I took the day off for no real reason other than if I didn’t use a day before the end of March I’d lose it. Or Friday. Does you want to come? I haven’t even really talked to Frank about what’s happening other than to express my distaste at the idea of driving myself to Pittsburgh, because I’m lazy, so I didn’t get around to asking you yet. And I was just looking at those pictures the other day, and I was a little sad about not having that cake. That was possibly the best cake ever.

      • Oh please, it’s certainly not romantic, but I’ll let you know. I feel like he’s done with work at like 4, so it’s going to be an early old-person dinner. Maybe we could do ice creams somewhere after. I should probably actually speak with Frank instead of just typing over top of him on the couch.

  1. Heh. I think we might have a hockey game that day (we have a best-of-three playoff Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – we are NOT going to all the games but not sure which ones we’ll go to) but we can play it by ear. You could come to town early and get a coffee beverage with me!

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