Hockey weekend

I played in my first hockey tournament this weekend!

Length of each game: 2 10-minute periods

Total number of games I played over the course of two days: 7

Number of people on my team: 8 plus goalie

Number of people playing at one time: 4 plus goalie

Number of times I scored: 0

Number of goals I stopped: countless, obviously

Number of times I fell: 2 (not bad considering it was basically a skating rink)

Number of times I fell and possibly bruised my tailbone: 1 (ouch)

After the first day’s games we were the last seed (7 out of 7) but we beat the first and second seeds and made it to the final game! But then we lost 1-0.  It was a fun experience.  I’m sorry these sorts of things were not around (or at least I didn’t know about them) before I hit my mid-30s.  All these younger women are going to get a lot more hockey in before they lose the use of their knees or whatever. 

Here is a picture from one of the other games.  This is by far the coolest picture I took. I am not a sports photographer.




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