finally my list of 100 favorite movies

Here are my top 100 movies I think you should see at least once or maybe more in your life. They are in groups of ten. I could not put them in an excat order of my favorite movies. But I was able to group them in 10’s. So the first 10 movies are my top ten and then so on. I also have a short reason to why I like the movies and why you should see them. hopefully this list might help some find a movie that they might not have seen before, and make them loves of them.

1 love actually- the greatest romantic comedy ever
2 back to the future- best time travel movie ever
3 clerks – the classic line “Im not even supposed to be here today”
4 bugsy malone- scott baio and jodie foster as kids being gansters=amazing
5 karate kid- who knew arnold from happy days knew karate,
6 usual suspects – greatest ending to a movie ever
7 wet hot american summer- a great number of funny people in this one.
8 midnight madness- michael j fox first movie roll, plus a cameo of paul reubens
9 war games- want to play a nice game of chess
10 one crazy summer- the cusack, bobcat, demi,jeremy piven and booger all in the same movie

11 spies like us- aykroyd and chase on top of thier game
12 clue- a great cast in a movie that has multiple endings
13 high fidelity- is there anything better than list making?
14 defending your life- brooks, streep and a pre crazy rip torn. good cast good story
15 nick and norah’s infinite playlist- a great romantic comedy
16 comming to america- eddie murphys finest
17 better off dead- i want to know where that kids two dollars is
18 mallrats- ben affleck wants to know who your favorite new kid is.
19 police acadamy- the guttenburg at his finest
20 12 angry men- a great classic

21 moneyball- how they made this movie from that book is amazing
22 cadence- the sheen family giving a good performence
23 major league- a funny take on the classic worse to first story
24 euro trip- do i have to say anthing more than matt damon
25 back to the future 3- i like the way the wrapped up the story even tho im not big into westerns
26 karate kid 2- who knew arnold from happy days had enemies back in his home land
27 life of brian- monty python doing what they do best
28 ghostbusters- a perfect 80’s comedy
29 airplane- some many great quotes in this movie. its worth seeing over and over again
30 oceans 11- a really great heist film

31 shashank redemption- best prison movie
32 bill and teds excellent adventure- a great history lesson
33 chasing amy- one of kevin smith finest stories
34 cadyshack- the best movie about golf
35 trading places- a movie that was an inspiration for a many peoples usual bet
36 brewsters millions- if you had all that money would i be able to spend it?
37 scrooged- a great retelling of the christmas carol
38 goonies- samwise gamgee on his first quest
39 down to you- could of been a great movie if it only ended a little sooner
40 tristram shandy: a cock and bull story- “Tristram Shandy” was a post-modern classic written before there was any modernism to be post about. So it was way ahead of its time and, in fact, for those who haven’t heard of it, it was actually listed as number eight on the Observer’s top 100 books of all time.
41 cannonball run-burt reynolds and dom deluise having a good time together
42 bull durham- really good baseball movie
43 basketball- really good movie about basketball
44 whos harry crumb- john candy in disguise
45 dogma- matt damon and ben affleck as angels
46 grosse point blank- good movie about high school reunions and hitmen
47 the great outdoors- a good slap stick comedy
48 evita- dont cry for me argentina, madonna was excellent
49 rounders- THE movie on poker
50 batman- keaton making batman become very dark. the way batman should be

51 the dark knight-heath ledger is amazing as the joker
52 super troopers- very funny meow movie about the meow highway patrol
53 hudsucker proxy- an underated coen brother movie.
54 clerks 2- a good where are they now movie
55 never ending story- a movie about never letting go of our dreams and fantisies
56 pcu- a funny movie about college that has piven and george clinton in it
57 princess bride- a great fairy tail
58 shaun of the dead- a great edgar wright movie
59 ferris buelers day off-a john hughes masterpiece about cameron.
60 my blue heaven-moranis and martin in this witness protection jem

61 for love of the game- a great baseball movie. if they got rid of the romance part if would be a amazing baseball movie
62 short circut- classic 80’s movie with johnny 5
63 die hard- one of the best christmas movies out there
64 big fish- a good movie with a great ending
65 pee wees big adventure-such a fun movie to watch while growing up
66 revenge of the nerds- such a fun movie to watch while growing up
67 eight men out- a good historical baseball movie
68 national lampoons vacation- what everyones family vacation should be like.
69 mighty ducks- a good hockey movie
70 robin hood men in tights- my favorite of all robing hood movies.

71 white man cant jump-a streetball movie showing how to hustle people
72 breakin 2 electric buggalo- turbo and ozone doing what they do best to save the rec center
73 silver linings playbook-a movie that took me two weeks to stop thinking about it. the only reason its in the 70s is that its too new. I still have to watch it again if it stands the test of time.
74 mannequin-who has not daydreamed about a mannequin comming alive and making out with it?
75 bill and teds bogus journey- not as good as the first but still the scene where they play death in different boardgames is great
76 hot tub time machine- time traveling+cusack= winner
77 police acadamy 3 back in training- bobcat doing what bobcat does best. which is be funny
78 chorus line- a really good movie musical.the play has a great story line
79 funny farm-chevy chase living on a farm trying to write a book
80 groundhog day- living everyday doing the same thing over and over again is basically what we do now in our lives, but this movie makes it funny

81 murder by death-a neil simon movie that has a great cast and a clue like feel to it
82 karate kid 3- the return of to tournament fighting and the return of a old enemy
83 back to the future 2- a fun movie
84 major league:back to the minors- a fun movie about minor league baseball
85 disorderlies- fatboys as hospital orderlies is just plain awesomeness
86 grease 2- for some reason i loved this movie
87 uhf-weird al running a public tv station.
88 death at a funeral(british)- a funny movie about a wake
89 willy wonka and the chocolate factory- classic movie about candy and other things
90 superbad- great comedy

91 national lampoons christmas vacation-almost a great christmas movie. i think the ending could of been a little better
92 plain clothes- classic 80s movie about a cop going under cover in a high school
93 class act- i think this was kid and plays best movie.
94 men at work- the brothers sheen playing garbage men
95 the muppets- bret mckenzie wrote a lot of the songs which makes this movie great
96 old school-a fun comedy about a mid life crisis
97 rocky 3- mr t brings the drama
98 sgt bilko- a underrated steve martin comedy. i can watch this movie anytime when its on tv
99 empire records-great music, great cast, and a great story makes this a fun movie
100 summer school- a great 80s movie about slackers making something of themselves

I have also listed 14 more movies that I like and wanted them to at least get a mention form me

101 space balls
102 blazing saddels
103 slapshot
104 the artist
105 tin cup
106 school ties
107 muppets take manhatten
108 goon
109 the hangover
110 bridesmaids
111 x men
112 inglourious basterds
113 con air
114 argo


2 thoughts on “finally my list of 100 favorite movies

  1. Here are all the one I could not think of last night:
    Leon, the professional
    Month Python and the Holy Grail
    My Neighbor Totoro
    The Last Dragon
    The Neverending Story
    The Station Agent

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