Overnight between Saturday and Sunday Elena woke up throwing up.  She was sick a couple of times.  I obviously went to my hockey tournament anyway (Bad Mother of the Year Award nominee!) but Ben and his mom were at home with Elena in the morning and mostly she wanted to sleep and cuddle with whoever was nearby so it didn’t really matter that I wasn’t there.

I took off work today because she was just too sick yesterday to think about taking her out of the house all day today.  We slept in and she was kind of whiny in the morning, but then she wanted to get the heck out of the house, so we went out for a little bit.  This was followed by a three-hour nap and at this point she’s feeling so much better she’s practically bouncing off the walls.  I guess two straight days of “eat whatever you want, baby, as long as you can keep it down” will do that to a kid.  Anyway, I’m glad it was short-lived and that she’s feeling better.

Knock on wood we have been so lucky with her not getting sick.  I think this is the second time this sort of thing has happened.

I, on the other hand, am still suffering from the slip and fall I took in our last game yesterday, the brunt of which was borne by my left buttock.  There’s a sharp pain whenever I move in a certain couple of ways, so off to the doctor I go to ensure that I do the right things to make it heal properly.  And no more hockey for me this week 😦  I don’t know that it’s necessarily a bruised tailbone like I suggested yesterday, but it’s something that requires some attention.


One thought on “Sick

  1. Sick Pance had on her sick pance. 😦 There’s also something I could say about your pance since you fell. I’m sure there’s some butt / pance joke but I can’t make it happen. Sorry your bum hurts. 😦

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