I’m actually being smart about my injury and resting this week.  This means that I’m super depressed, because I absolutely hate not working out.  

(1) When I work out I feel like I don’t have to worry AS much about what I eat.  Not like I’m going to have shamrock shakes every day (which I just found out have 82 GRAMS of sugar in a small, I wish I didn’t know that) but I’m not second-guessing every piece of chocolate or cup of yogurt I pick up.

(2) Working out gets out the scrinchies.

(3) I usually go to the gym at lunch, and it’s a nice way to break up the day.  Today I didn’t even take a lunch.

My injury is getting better, but I want it to heal completely because I want to be sure I can run in the marathon relay and in at least one other 5K I’ve already signed up for at the end of April.  It mostly hurts in the morning and occasionally when I bend over using too much of my back and not enough of my legs.  

So the plan is to try again on Sunday, slowly, and to just sort of do some stretching in between now and then.  And to hope I don’t go apeshit in the meantime.


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