I usually have a nemesis in hockey.  It’s a person that I have carefully selected to hate, and I pour all my effort into hating this person a lot, usually for fairly stupid reasons, but the ultimate underlying reason is always that they’re a good player and they can beat me all the time.

My nemesis changes.  For a while it was Billy.  Billy is like 2% body fat and he’s fantastic at hockey and terrifying and I hated him.  I had so much rage that I actually got into a (verbal) fight with a girl just because she was on his team and it was terrible.  But then something happened (no idea what) and we’re friendly now.  We play each other in Words with Friends.  He’s very good at that too.  Why is he GOOD AT EVERYTHING.Image

Here is a picture of Billy taking a shot.  Look how good he is.

My most recent nemesis is someone whose name I’m not going to provide because I still kind of think he’s a dick.  We were on the same team for a while and I didn’t like how he organized the lines.  I usually play defense and he had me playing offense.  I did not think that was a good use of me or of the other guys on our team who kind of sucked at defense. I stopped playing on the team after a while, which was almost worse because this guy is also, of course, really good, so I had to play against him, and he always beat me and I hate him and hate.  

One game this fall I agreed to sub for a team and it turned out he was on the team.  DAMMIT.  However it actually went well!  Rather than acting like he wished I didn’t exist, he actually kind of helped me out with telling me where to go and where he was so I could pass him the ball. So now I don’t hate him as much.

My original nemesis was this girl Amy who I’ve been playing against off and on for something like ten years.  Amy is so good!  She’s really athletic and businesslike and competitive, and she doesn’t play hockey seven days a week so she’s just sort of naturally good at it.  I’m always, always lined up against her and you can’t let her go because she will SCORE and you have to be CAREFUL.

On Tuesday we needed a sub so I wouldn’t have to play the entire game, and another girl on my team who’s friends with Amy asked her to play and she said she would.  I NEVER would have asked her, but she was SO NICE and SO SUPPORTIVE.  It was really super pleasant to play with her and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I guess basically what I am saying is, I always have a nemesis, but I am stupid, because my nemesis situation is completely made up and I should probably stop.


One thought on “Nemesis

  1. Hahaha I loved this!

    If you and I were ever on any sort of team together, it would probably be terrible because we would totally encourage each others need for a nemesis. I have a stockpile of internal anger.

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