Things I’m failing at right now

1. Saving money. Remember a few months ago how we were getting our finances in order and I was going to be all thrifty and shit? Yeah, that’s not really happening. I mean, we haven’t been taking last minute trips to Vegas or anything but we haven’t really been cutting back on things either. Mostly legitimate expenses – a new bed for Elena, taxes, some new Keen shoes for our wide feet – but I haven’t exactly cut back on Starbucks or eating out or parking downtown or my Faberge egg habit either, so, failing.

2. Exercise. Granted I always feel like I am failing at exercise. Since I graduated from law school I haven’t had as much time as I would like to work out. I mean, I know you have to make time for it, and I do, but not enough time. According to me. We have been watching 1600 Penn, and have you seen Jenna Elfman’s arms recently? I covet her arms. But I’m not really doing anything to make that happen. So, failing.

3. Blogging. I’m not quite in the groove I’d hoped to be with posting. Certainly no one is asking me to take part in any Pittsburgh blogger guest posting events. And I can’t blame them, I post like twice a month. And hardly ever do I include Instagram pictures. And when I do post I just talk about how I never post (see, this entry). So, failing.

4. Meals. I love to cook and try new things but all we eat is pasta that I don’t even get to make because I get home too late to do anything and I haven’t planned ahead. One time last week I tried something in the slow cooker and it took forever and tasted like garbage, so now I don’t know what to do with myself. So, failing.


2 thoughts on “Things I’m failing at right now

  1. The next time they do the guest post thing, I’ll pull you in.
    I barely got my shit together to not be a total fail on posting in it, with the trial going on and all, so pulling you in this time around didn’t even hit my radar. I’ll make sure to do it next time tho.

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