Stacey’s shower and bachelorette parties

Two Saturdays ago I drove to Follansbee WV for Stacey’s bridal shower.

Taste the happy

Look at Banner!

It was at a place called Vito’s 2. It was (more or less) all set up for us, but we did some decorating when we got there. “Decorating” was not one of my tasks so I just sort of helped at this part.

Tables all set up

Tables all set up

The "head table"

The “head table”

I think Stacey had a good time!


Stacey’s having a good time, right?

Although there were obviously a lot of people and presents and all that sort of thing that happens at showers, I was Helping with the present opening so I didn’t do any picture taking during that time.

My primary task was “Desserts.” I ordered some things from my friend Kaitlyn, who runs Zia’s Custom Desserts, and I got a few other things here and there, and I’m really happy with how the dessert portion of the shower turned out.

looks like there's plenty!

Dessert Table

Stacey loves it!

Stacey loves it!

After the shower, we had a Paint N Sip at our friend Jessie’s house. Jessie has recently quit her Real Job and is running Paint N Sip full-time at Moon River Studios in Wheeling. There are about five sessions a week. If you are anywhere near Wheeling you should go to these Paint N Sips because Jessie is awesome, and the McClure House is awesome, and it’s a good time.

We enjoyed the warm weather before we started painting.

Moon River Studios porchsitting

Moon River Studios porchsitting

The space is so pretty.

Getting ready to paint

Getting ready to paint

Here’s my finished painting. It’s not really what I had in my head but I still like it.

it's in the dining room now

My picture

So this was a good day overall. Although it was a BIT long and tiring! I think I have recovered now.


2 thoughts on “Stacey’s shower and bachelorette parties

  1. Hooray! it was long and tiring. I’m just now back to normal. But it was great and you guys did a great job! Although that photo of me being happy with the desserts makes me look very misshapen, I’m going to steal photos for my own personal use, because The Internet makes these things possible.

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