Binky Wars


Elena’s used a binky to sleep most of her life. At first I was reluctant to adopt this but then I heard it helps prevent SIDS and I am 100% on board with preventing SIDS so I jumped on board. When Elena was less than a year old, I can’t remember exactly (9 months? 10?) we stopped giving her the binky for everything but naps and bedtime, and that transition was no problem for her.

Sleepy Girl

Sleepy Girl

However. Whenever she woke up in the middle of the night because the binky had fallen out, all we had to do was give her the binky again and she fell asleep, which meant WE fell asleep, and after several months of no-sleep, you sort of don’t care what it takes to get the kid to fall back asleep. And so it went on.

Finally, on Wednesday, Elena got a big girl bed. With the new kid on the way, and the fact that she’s THREE AND 1/4 YEARS OLD, we figured this was as good a time as any. We started talking about how when she got her big girl bed, we’d be saying bye bye binky. She was on board until the bed got here and she realized…she’d be saying bye bye binky. TEARS. HEARTACHE. DISASTER! On Thursday night she literally cried, practically screaming, “I’m little, I’m little” for about a half an hour.

Wednesday was bad. Thursday was worse. But Friday was more or less OK! She told me she was sad because she missed the binky but she went to bed without too much fuss.

When I say “without too much fuss” I should clarify that Elena’s nighttime routine, which is usually two stories and snuggling for about 5 minutes, has now morphed into two stories, cuddling, bathroom, water, more water, can you watch me mommy, etc. etc. etc. We’re being slightly more accommodating than we might otherwise, but I hope that we can start weaning off the hourlong pre-bed ritual pretty soon.

Oh, and she’s completely regressed too. She spent most of the evening crawling around the house with an old sippy that she found, pretending to be a baby.

But whatever. She seems to be on the road to a binky-free existence. Hooray for straight teeth!


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