Brainwashing the under 4 set

We recently started watching Daniel Tiger. I like this show for the following reasons:
1. It’s filmed in Pittsburgh, so there are clips from places we have been, like Round Hill Farms (thanks Missy!) and the zoo.
2. Elena will basically do whatever they tell her to do on this show. Tonight’s episode is about cleaning up, and there’s a little jingle, so we will clean up before bed. This backfired the other night when we watched the potty episode and she had to go potty five times before bed, because if you have to go potty, Daniel Tiger advises that you stop and go right away.

Anyway it’s a good show.


One thought on “Brainwashing the under 4 set

  1. You bettah DVR that clean up show.
    Rachel loves Daniel Tiger but she just sits and watches it. She doesn’t emulate it. I should send her to your house for some Daniel Tiger viewing so your bb can show her how it’s done.

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