As I get older, I find myself feeling more indifferent about holidays because no holiday is for everybody. (The obvious exception is my favorite holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, the day on which everyone becomes Irish.) I don’t know if “indifferent” is the right word. “Concerned about celebrating” perhaps? “Sensitive to the pitfalls of”? I’ve been thinking about these things in light of Mother’s Day today, and because I’ve been worried about a few friends who have gone through some difficult times mothering-wise in the past year. I was worried Mother’s Day would be painful for them. And it probably is. But in looking at Facebook this morning, it was lovely to see so many people celebrating their mothers and their children, living and dead, and it made me feel more hopeful for those people who maybe are having a tough time of it.

So here’s a picture of Elena, me, and my mother, although NEVER TELL MY MOTHER I PUT A PICTURE OF HER ON THE INTERNET OR SHE WILL DISOWN ME. Today is Mother’s Day and I am thankful for my mother always, and my grandmothers who loved me unconditionally, and my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law who are fantastic people, and for my two cats and one dog, and for my Elena and my forthcoming newbaby.


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