I know that both Elizabeth and Erin will post about our Saturday adventures, and since I have never been on an adventure with both of these fantastic writers, the pressure is on. I’ve decided that the only way to deal with this is to be the FIRST one of the three of us to post about it. So while they are crafting their golden nuggets of wisdom, I will do my typical stream-of-consciousness spewing about ridiculousness.

Erin and Elizabeth apparently came up with a plan to go rollerskating together this past Saturday through the magic of the internets. I know both of them in real life and they’ve met each other before, but never hung out before, so they both thought I should come. The fact that I’m 21 weeks pregnant is apparently irrelevant. (Rightly so – I mean, I ran in the damn marathon last week so I’m hardly sitting around eating bon bons.) However I am not a particularly strong skater, and Saturday is typically my Elena Day because Ben works, so I was not exactly sure how this was going to go.

There was a period when I thought Ben was going to be off and could stay home with Elena. Hooray! That didn’t work out. Then there was a period when I thought my dad could come over and keep an eye on her. Hooray! But that didn’t work out either. Elena had previously expressed an interest in rollerskating but that doesn’t mean much when you’re three – she also is very interested in riding the school bus, jump rope, pouring her own syrup, and running in a 5K. Nevertheless I decided to take her with me. As with all adventures with a three year old, you just kind of have to say to yourself, “what’s the worst that could happen” and provided the answer is not “a fiery death,” you just have to go with it.

We went for pancakes in the morning, so we were properly fueled up for skating.

fueling up

fueling up

Because I’m an idiot, I decided to tell Elena about rollerskating two hours before rollerskating opened. If she could have gotten in the car and driven us there immediately she would have. But we managed to wait it out. Also I forgot socks, but Elizabeth brought some for us.

Erin’s post will likely focus on the fact that she was “unaccompanied” as in “without life partner Henry” so in order to support her I took this picture of her properly parenting her child by assisting him with his skates instead of making him do it himself and/or asking a stranger for help. Go, Erin!



I decided to skate too. Partially this was because you’re not allowed on the rink if you don’t have skates on and I didn’t want to leave Elena stranded. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been the best choice for everyone, but I decided that given the crowd (light), my current physical condition (good, considering), and my anticipated speed (slow) I would be fine. (I totally chugged a 40 out of a paper bag while I was skating at the same time.) And it turned out my skating skills were pretty much the same as they would have been if I weren’t pregnant, so I felt pretty good about myself.

And it turned out Elena LOVED skating. We tried both the over-shoe skates and the boot skates for her – she couldn’t really stand in the latter, but the former were a bit too slow for her until she got a skate gate and just took off. She was determined, and it seemed like she was starting to learn skill, and it worked out just fine.

In this picture, you can see a blurry shape to the left. That’s Erin, cruising past us. Erin is quite good at skating. I mean, I didn’t see her hold her foot over her head or anything but she certainly, literally, ran circles around us.

slow skating

slow skating

Every time Elena fell near Erin’s son, who’s 7, he got all concerned about her, but she was actually fine with falling. It was cute how worried he was though. She sort of idolizes him, but she didn’t have much time for that yesterday because she was Determined to Skate.

I found out that they have a junior Roller Derby for girls 10-17 and since I can’t really skate I may be stage-mothering Elena into joining roller derby in a couple of years.

a natural

a natural

The skating rink itself was straight out of the 1970s, which made it quite authentic and enjoyable. I enjoyed stopping myself on the carpeted walls. I think everyone had a good time, except maybe Elizabeth’s husband Mike, who was apparently still somewhat traumatized by a disasterous-sounding roller rink birthday party of his youth that was caught on tape. (I keep imagining it like the George Michael Bluth light saber adventure from Arrested Development that shows up at every family video viewing.)

Elena skated for TWO AND A HALF HOURS. I didn’t feel bad at all letting her watch TV for basically the rest of the day.

All in all it was a pretty fantastic way to spend an afternoon and everyone had a good time. I’m looking forward to reading Erin’s and Elizabeth’s take on it!


2 thoughts on “Rollerskating

  1. I enjoyed this whole post, but I have to say, I actually LOLed at your list of things Elena’s interested in. She is great. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to you!

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