Stacey and Frank’s wedding

Elena and I were in a wedding on Saturday. Here’s the quick run down.

1. Stacey and Frank got married.
2. It was supposed to rain but didn’t.
3. The doves in the dove release did not die. (Dead dove – do not eat.)
4. Elena looked really cute and had a fun time at the salon getting ready.
5. I gave a toast and it didn’t suck.
6. There was a lot of good food and candy and cupcakes and cookies. I’m actually upset I didn’t bring more home with me.
7. It was a really well timed event. Pictures before the ceremony, straight to the reception after, eating by 6:30.
8. Elena got to dance. We took her to a wedding last year that was running late and she didn’t get to even eat, let alone dance, and that made me kind of sad.
9. It was a really fun weekend. I hung out with old friends and new and had a generally great time.

1. Being in a wedding, being pregnant, being out of town ish, and being responsible for the flower girl is kind of exhausting. I almost left Elena alone in the hotel lobby by accident at one point.
2. I’m only now sort of recovering from bring tired, three days later. See #1.
3. It was really hot.
4. I almost didn’t get my dress zipped! I was at Stacey’s house with Elena and I just couldn’t get it. I asked her for help and she tried but she couldn’t do it. (Reasonable, considering she is 3.) So I threw on a wrap and went to the hotel and Juli did it for me because she works miracles.
5. I couldn’t drink much.
6. I only took like 7 pictures.
7. I don’t know how to bustle a dress and have failed as a bridesmaid. Fortunately I am almost 37 and will probably not need to worry about bustling ever again.

Obviously the highlights outweighed the lowlights; you could have stopped at 1 of the highlights and that would be true.

I’ll post the photographer’s pictures separately when they are done. I only took like 7. EDIT: I lied. My dad took some pictures. I put them on the Facebooks.


8 thoughts on “Stacey and Frank’s wedding

  1. Frank and I are up at 7am in Vegas, because our sleep clocks are all crazy, and we read this and laughed at the number 1 lowlight. Also, NO ONE knew how to bustle that dress.

    • I’m sure Hoss or someone would have made sure she didn’t wander out into the street. Right?

      Elena has only JUST recovered from everyone telling her she is adorable all day long.

      • Hoss is seemingly responsible when it comes to children. It’s because he looks like Santa Claus, I think. Also, did I create a monster? Does Elena want to be in ALL THE WEDDINGS now? Maybe pageants? Aunt Stacey will be her Pageant Mom. I’ll cut bitches and scream GET IT GIRL.

      • Elena and I both had a breakdown at the playground yesterday when some 7 year olds wouldn’t play with her. We are too emotionally fragile for pageants.

      • They were older kids who had come to the park together and were clearly close friends. It wasn’t really their fault. But we don’t have the emotional tools to deal with that kind of rejection.

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