Hungry Cat

Our cat is basically convinced that we are starving him. Our cat weighs 20 POUNDS. (He used to weigh 24 pounds but we got him down. Not an unimpressive feat.) He is not starving. But it is difficult to reason with him on this fact.

(Thanks to Nate for sharing this one with me.)

He is a bit of a creature of habit. He got in his head that whenever someone comes to the house, it’s time to eat. So he will meow his head off when anyone walks in the door until he gets some food.

He used to have a sister, who was a normal-cat size, so we didn’t pay a lot of attention to how much food was out, but it seems like he was eating most of it. She died a few years ago of kidney failure, at which point we decided we were in a position to actually deal with the fact that this cat is really fat.

We feed him 2 1/4 cups of food a day. This is actually not true. Theoretically we feed him 2 1/4 cups of food a day but it’s actually 4 1/8 cups of food because he’s convinced that he needs first breakfast, second breakfast, first dinner, and second dinner. Feeding him a full breakfast or dinner was apparently not sufficient, so we split his food in half. (We are crafty too.)

This morning instead of feeding him second breakfast directly when I got up, I had the AUDACITY to come into the computer room and pay some bills. DISTRESS. DISASTER. So I have a very loud, impatient cat – who, may I note, has eaten within the past two hours – crowing for his second breakfast. I suppose I should wrap this up.

Happiness is eating

Happiness is eating


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