Love the Body

Last week my college friend Sally posted The No Body-Snark Diet on her blog. Sally’s a fantastic writer and an interesting person, so you should check out her blog regardless, but this post is good (and gained a lot of attention) because it’s definitely something I need to work on. I spend entirely too much time and energy thinking about the 10-15 pounds I’d like to lose. (Being pregnant has both helped and hurt this and is probably a completely separate topic but suffice it to say that I still spend too much time thinking about the 10-15 pounds I’d like to lose that are not pounds of baby.)

I don’t mean, OMG I DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT I EAT OR HOW MUCH I EXERCISE ALL OF A SUDDEN. I mean, I really need to work on accepting the fact that overall I eat fairly healthfully and work out a good bit and maybe I need to focus on keeping that up and not beating myself up if I want a damn croissant one time. (Although I certainly have been pretty good about THAT while pregnant.)

So here’s my full length body shot. Being pregnant has helped me feel better about my trouble spots, and I imagine at some point not too long after the baby is born I’ll “get my body back” as they say. The trick would be to get me to post one three days after the baby is born (hint: that’s probably not going to happen).

Full Length Photo

Full Length Photo


2 thoughts on “Love the Body

  1. You give me so much hope about body image and staying active during and after pregnancies. I think you know that, but I thought I’d repeat it. You’re like probably at least 85% responsible for me not being as terrified as I once was about it. And I think that photo is a beautiful photo that you should always keep around.

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