My Birthday (observed)

Generally I’m a fairly well-adjusted only child, but I’m one of those people who makes a big deal about my birthday.  Now that I’m somewhat more mature, this involves things like going out for dinner or drinks with friends. Ben and I have gone to Soba with Mike and Elizabeth the past few years. I’ve coordinated myself a happy hour the past few years as well. (Drinking with buddies after work is sadly less of a draw this year due to the pregnancy.)

Every year since my 21st birthday I’ve had chocolate for breakfast. I’m a grown-up now, so I can eat chocolate for breakfast. (Also, I turned 21 in Scotland and I’d been able to drink legally for close to six months, so the concept of going on a bender because I was 21 was not a big draw – however I had been on a diet and the concept of chocolate WAS a big draw.) This year’s chocolate is courtesy of Oakmont Bakery and is currently waiting in the fridge for tomorrow morning.

If I can, I try to take a day off work for my birthday. My birthday is Tuesday this year so I took off Monday. The day went as follows:

  • Woke up at a not-too-early hour, woke Elena up, got us ready to leave the house, took her to day care
  • Met up with my friend Gretchen and went for a gorgeous bike ride at North Park
  • Came home and realized I had to do some work. BOO! Did some work. Realized I was running late. PANIC! Quick shower, shoveled some leftovers into my mouth, and headed out.
  • Massage! Stacey treated me to a pregnancy massage for being in her wedding. I never splurge on massages (I probably should more often) and it was just lovely.
  • Met up with my parents and Elena at my parents’ house and went to a viewing at a funeral home. Not exactly something I planned for my relaxing day off. My dad’s Aunt Eleanor died. She had been in her 90s and generally a pretty awesome lady. She had six boys. Six! However, despite this not being part of my plan, it was good to see those relatives, and Elena made a new friend in Ella, who is her, like, thirteenth cousin or something. Plus we got donuts afterward.
  • Came home and made one of my favorite meals, corn risotto with basil, tomato and lime
  • Texted a neighbor to see about going to the playground and met up with her along with approximately eight billion neighbor kids who were all Elena-age-appropriate. Taking your kid to the playground when they’re old enough to entertain themselves with the kids who are there is the best.
  • Home with Elena, bath snack TV story bed.
  • Pretty fantastic day overall.

    Finally, I’m extremely, extremely excited about this now-age-appropriate video.


    2 thoughts on “My Birthday (observed)

    1. Wish I had known it was your birthday!! I make chocolate chip cookies for my husband’s breakfast on his birthday and brownies for his birthday dessert. If he could eat chocolate all day on his bday he would. And pregnancy massages are the best!!! Text anytime & we’ll meet and play!

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