Bird on Porch

While we were on vacation, a bird built a nest on the ladder right outside our screen door.

Home sweet home?

Home sweet home?

When I first noticed it I wasn’t sure what to do. My initial thought was to move it. We even tipped the ladder to confirm there were no eggs in it. But then I noticed the bird on a nearby tree, watching me in that freaky side-head way birds have of watching you, and I realized she’d probably just finished building it and was about to settle in. And who am I to deny a bird getting ready to have some babies, right? So we let her stay, figuring it wouldn’t be too long.

Anyway, you may remember that we got back from vacation over two weeks ago. The bird is still here. There is no evidence that there are baby birds on the horizon. Is she infertile? Delusional? Maybe I should Google how long it takes to gestate a bird?

We’re trying to avoid the porch while she’s there, but this is key porch-sitting weather here and I’m starting to get anxious. Have those babies, bird! And then move away!


2 thoughts on “Bird on Porch

  1. Frank thinks it’s infertile. He says if she hasn’t laid them by now, it’s too late this season. How does he know this? NO IDEA. But I generally just assume he knows everything about everything. So. I guess he wants you to kick her out.

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