Hey, how’s that pregnancy coming along?

Strangers have been me when I am due and I’m sort of surprised that they know I’m pregnant. I guess I have one of those body types where sometimes you can’t really tell, so I don’t get these questions until relatively close to my due date. In any event, time for a Pregnancy FAQ Round Up Post.

What is your due date anyway? It’s September 21. But Elena was born three weeks early so I am mentally preparing for a Labor Day Weekend baby. On the other hand I’ve heard (horror) stories about how someone had their first baby X days early and their second baby X days late. I cannot be having an October baby. That is crazy talk. Why? Because I will go insane if I am pregnant through the entire month of September after mentally preparing for a Labor Day Weekend baby.

Are you having a boy or a girl? A girl. I thought it might be fun not to find out this time, but for logistical reasons we decided that we would find out. Specifically, I had a bunch of girl clothes that I wanted to either keep if it was a girl, or give to friends if it was a boy.

Any names picked out yet? No. We didn’t know what Elena’s name would be til after she was born. We have a few ideas but we don’t really even have a short list yet.

Does Elena get to pick the name? Absolutely not. We do not want a child named Stinky or Poopy. Yesterday she suggested that “Elena” would be a nice name. This is a no-go also, as we are not George Foreman.

How are you feeling? My standard line is that I can’t complain. I’m getting around fine, doing a weights video a couple times a week, parenting my child without slipping into a coma mid-afternoon (MOST days), my clothes and shoes still fit, I’m able to get enough sleep most nights… seriously. So many people have it so much worse.

How are you going to make it through August? I spend most of my day in air conditioning so I really can’t complain about this either. However it is getting to the point where I’m pretty uncomfortable if I have to be outside for a long period of time. There were a few humid days last week where I was an unhappy camper and contemplated Hoveround rental. Additionally we’ve joined a pool this summer, so we’ll just be going there a lot.

How are you going to manage your firmwide walking challenge? Aren’t you on Erin’s team? How’s that going to go? Yes, our firmwide walking challenge started today and I muscled my way on to the team captained by the most competitive walker in our department. Last year I was on a team with a bunch of runners and the pedometers didn’t really register our runs with as many steps as they should have had, so I might actually do better this year as long as I make a commitment to walk. I’m thinking of walking at lunch today, which I never NEVER would do otherwise. So it might go well! Also I’m afraid of Erin, which I figured would be good motivation to keep active! (Fortunately I’m already hashtag-winning because one of my other teammates forgot her pedometer today! Mwhahahaha.)


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