Fantasy Football Season

Fantasy football season approaches! Why would I let a little thing like a newborn infant get in the way of this?

I’ve played fantasy football off and on since about 2005 when I joined a league with some people I knew from the internet. I think I came in 2nd place that year. (I’ve come in 2nd place a lot.) I wouldn’t say I’m particularly good at it. I look at the rankings and figure out who I want. I have a working knowledge of which teams are good and which teams are terrible. My philosophy is that a lot of it is luck because you don’t know who’s going to get hurt, so why spend a lot of time and energy researching people. I always have a random favorite player based on, like, his name, and I ALWAYS try to get Steve Smith because he’s a hardass. (I may have to rethink this philosophy this year. Will need to check on Cam Newton’s prospects first. And also whether or not he’s actually still even playing.) This approach seems to work out fairly well for me.

I have a problem, which Ben shares, in that if someone asks one of us to join a team we have trouble saying no because someone asked us to join a team! We love joining! So last year I found myself in six fantasy football leagues. (For those of you who don’t partake, this is way too many.) I had no idea which player was on which team and I ended up doing really poorly in most of them. So this year I am culling my participation. I’ve signed up for two leagues so far. I may go up to three but that will be it.

None of my leagues are for money. One of the leagues that I’m not doing this year was for money, but only like $20/person, which isn’t very much. I don’t do the high money leagues. See: my philosophy on fantasy football success.

So these are my three leagues:
1. Guy I used to play kickball with who now lives in New Jersey. In this league I know the captain and one other person. I think I’m technically supposed to pay money to be in this league but I didn’t last year. I probably owe someone like $20.
2. Ladyhockey league, including primarily the people I ran the marathon relay with. I know everyone on this league because I’m organizing it and I’m only asking people who are going to participate. (This is a large problem for non-money leagues – people will kind of space on organizing their team from week to week and it’s kind of annoying.)

I am a little sad that the league that is run by the friend of a guy that my friend used to be engaged to but isn’t engaged to any more (did you follow that?) is not happening this year. I’ve been on this league since my friend was engaged to the guy in the league, and now they’re not engaged and also not speaking any more (like four years?), and somehow I’m still in this league. I don’t know ANY of these people. (Except for the guy my friend used to be engaged to.) They all live – I couldn’t even tell you where they all live. I think some of them are in Philadelphia, some of them might be in St. Louis, I have literally no idea. (The guy who runs the league is taking the year off. It’s not that they decided not to invite me.)

Hopefully I’ll have all the drafts finished before the baby comes?


3 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Season

  1. Frank informed me that he cannot do anything on August 25th, because that’s his draft. Like. They all go. And sit in a room. And play this pretend football draft game thing. Say you don’t do that, because that seems like the dorkiest thing in the world, aside from like, comic book conventions.

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