I feel boring

Remember back in June when I was all “OMG we have so much going on in June but then nothing much in July and August so we can just sit back and relax?”  This was determined by me at that time to be a good thing because it was going to be very hot, I was going to be very pregnant, and all I would want to do would be to sit at the pool.

Well, there is nothing much going on in July and August.  However, it is NOT very hot.  I DO want to sit by the pool, but due to the cooler weather and semi frequent rain this has not been a big draw.

I am, however, still very pregnant.  I am not very good at sitting back and relaxing.  I want to be doing things!  Unfortunately when I start to do things these days, my back starts to hurt and/or I have to lie down for an hour!  Everything sounds very exhausting.  At the same time, doing nothing is not appealing.  The end result is that I feel boring.

I’ve been doing *some* things.  Keeping busy and whatnot.  Things I’ve been doing include but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning the house and rearranging the rooms in anticipation of the baby’s arrival.  Although Ben has had to do most of the literal heavy lifting on this.  I haven’t been moving furniture.  You know, *much*.
  • Going to the doctor a lot.  (Everything is fine. You just have to go to the doctor kind of a lot when you’re super pregnant.)
  • Getting sick with some sort of sinus issue.  (That was no fun.)
  • Having some old college friends over for dinner.
  • Going to watch Ben play hockey and thinking longingly of the day that I’ll be able to maybe play a game again.
  • Being consistently amazed at how our cat seems to come up with EVEN MORE ANNOYING meows when he’s “hungry” for food.  Every time I thought it was the most annoying he could be, he finds a new pitch or tone and I want to stab myself in the face.  (I do think he’s lost some weight though!)
  • Growing brain tissue and bone structure of my new child.  You know, standard stuff.

Wednesday we’re going to another Pirates game (possibly my last of the season – although I have one more potential for this month, it’s a Sunday game and will depend on the weather).  We go to a few games a year REGARDLESS of how much they are winning.  I am not a bandwagoner.  Saturday I’m painting pots with Stacey, Sunday we’re going on the Good Ship Lollipop, and Monday we have a thing for Ben’s cousin who’s home on leave from Navy.  Maybe I’ll take pictures and do proper blog posts of these events.  That will make me feel less boring.  I hope!


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