Pirates game August 7 2013

As promised, I did something interesting last night and I’m going to post about it.

Because I am no longer able to play hockey, my hockey friends took pity on me and pretended that they wanted to do something that involved some other sport. So we organized an evening out at the Pirates game. Ben decided on a Wednesday evening Marlins matchup because he has strong opinions about such things.

Unfortunately it rained before the game. I walked across from town with Debby I’s umbrella (which I’ve been borrowing for so long that I think I should get squatter’s rights ownership) and considered whether I needed to spend money on a rain slicker.

I'm happy because umbrella

I'm happy because umbrella

I stopped to get bottled water from Ben’s water guy at the corner of Fort Duquesne and Roberto Clemente. Ben has gone to enough games that he has a favorite water guy. Why not. I posted this picture on Facebook and Michael told me that he works with the assistant water salesperson at their normal job. Small world!

Ben's water guy...and apparently Michael's coworker

Ben's water guy…and apparently Michael's coworker

The rain did not let up as we waited for our party to assemble.

Waiting for our party to assemble

Waiting for our party to assemble

I did not get a picture of the whole group because I almost passed out standing around (pro tip: standing around when 8 months pregnant is not advisable) so I had to rush inside to get food and a seat.

Miraculously the rain stopped more or less as soon as I got into the stadium. Soon enough most of our group re-assembled in our seats. (Some of our group decided to drink for four innings first.) The game was slightly rain delayed while they cleaned up the field, which worked out well for seat finding and food acquisition. And then the game started!

Jake and Jess and the National Anthem

Jake and Jess and the National Anthem

I put an exclamation point on that last sentence, but anyone who’s been to a baseball game knows it isn’t like that. The first couple innings of a Pirates baseball game involve everyone taking pictures of the gorgeous views and posting them to Facebook.

Our gorgeous view

Our gorgeous view

Jake sat in front of me so after he took his picture I decided to be ridiculous and posted asking him where he was sitting and telling him that he should wave to me. So he did.



It was a good game – the Marlins scored first but the Pirates put up some solid defense to prevent them from scoring more, and then the Pirates scored some fairly awesome runs, and there were more Pirates runs than Marlins runs. Also Oliver Onion won the pierogie race and he’s my favorite, yo.

I decided to leave early to avoid having to walk through the crowds and possibly actually passing out.

PNC Park sign

PNC Park sign

I listened to the third out from the bridge

I listened to the third out from the bridge

They got the last three outs quickly and the Pirates won!


The game was in Pittsburgh, so there are fireworks

Plus, Missy and Larry were kind enough to escort me back to my car to ensure that I did not pass out.

For those of you who do not live in Pittsburgh and/or follow baseball, the Pirates are doing well this year for the first time in a very long time and it’s very exciting.

All in all it was a fun evening, despite the minor setbacks of rain and almost passing out. I enjoyed hanging out with everyone and appreciated that we were able to do something other than play hockey together.


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