Weekend Fun Part I

As I often do, I scheduled two things for Saturday and then spent the rest of the weekend wondering when I was going to do my laundry, dishes, cooking, grocery shopping, etc.

Saturday morning Elena’s school friend Mollie came over for a play date. Elena was very excited to have Mollie come over. I thought since they played together at school all the time, it would just be a nice relaxing morning of me sitting on a chair making sure that nobody fell off the slide. However, apparently when you are three, there are a lot of disagreements about what to do and when to do it, and also about sharing. The idea that so-and-so is playing with the pink ball now, but you can have a turn later, or in fact you might both have more fun if you played with the pink ball together, is something that sort of needs to be explained to them approximately every 10 minutes.

I’ve posted about this before, but it’s been hard at times for me to NOT impose my social anxiety on my child. As I told Ben and also Mollie’s mom, if I’d had as many disagreements with one of my friends that they had in the few hours they were together, it’d be like, “that was a terrible visit” and I’d never want to see them again. But I think Mollie and Elena both had fun, because that is their reality. There were good-bye hugs. And now we have a new play date friend. Hooray!

That would probably be enough to retire most people to their bedrooms with a valium and a good book for the rest of the day, but NOT ME OH NO. On to adventure #2: painting our own pottery at Fired Up in McMurray. Stacey emailed me a few weeks ago asking about getting together to do this. Fired Up is about halfway between Pittsburgh and Wheeling so it was a good choice for a meeting place. I’ve done the paint your own pottery thing before and I really enjoy it (even though I’m hardly an expert – I just find it a nice way to spend some time and a lot of money). I wasn’t sure how Elena would do, but she likes to paint so I figured it would probably be OK.

Pre-painting snack

Pre-painting snack

Stacey selected a cake plate to paint. Elena selected a regular plate, which surprised me because she bypassed a ton of cats and other types of figurines to do so. She also decided to paint it orange. Elena has never, ever chosen orange over another color. She then proceeded to do a pretty good job painting.

Stacey's cake plate, Elena's plate

Stacey’s cake plate, Elena’s plate

Stacey’s painting job was awesome, of course, but she’s pretty creative and this was not surprising.

Watching Stacey paint

Watching Stacey paint

After Elena finished the plate, she picked a small cup and saucer to paint. These were done in several shades of blue. I didn’t take a picture of them. They weren’t as impressive.

I chose an extremely small piece myself because things were starting to add up, cost-wise. And also I mostly just like painting swirls on things.

My beautiful creation

My beautiful creation

As we were finishing up, Elena decided to act like an actual three year old as opposed to some potentially gifted future painter, and she broke a set of $31 measuring spoons. I was VERY UPSET with her because all I got to paint was a damn light switch cover and I was going to have to pay all this money now. It was difficult to tell if she was more upset with me yelling at her, or if Stacey was. Anyway we all got over it. It was an accident. (Just a very expensive one.)

We met Nate and April at Harry’s Pizza for dinner. Apparently no one else likes to drive to halfway between Wheeling and Pittsburgh to see them and they were very grateful that I’d come out that way, which made me feel like a heel because I hadn’t even come to visit them! We have to go back and look at their kittens some time.

Stacey gave Elena some Big Sister presents (THANK YOU STACEY – Elena loves the bear and we’ve read the book a couple of times already!) and got us some nice stuff for New Baby as well (THANK YOU for this as well – Elena is currently “borrowing” most of those presents). This makes me think we should hang out with Stacey more often….

So if you can believe it, that was only part I of our weekend! Stay tuned for part II!


One thought on “Weekend Fun Part I

  1. Stacey was upset because Stacey chose an activity that lead to Expensive Accidents. I felt All The Feelings and the Entire Weight Of The World. The only things I know about kids are based ENTIRELY off of Elena, which I think will lead to horrible accidents, because she DOES tend to do so well in situations, so I just expect that ALL three-year-olds will be able to act like a pretty reasonable adult most of the time.

    In other news, I’m happy Elena liked her Things! I wondered if she might borrow New Baby’s things. This is allowed and encouraged. I’m sure Frank will make me clean out more Things soon.

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