Five Things I Did This Week

(1) Elizabeth asked if I could watch Rachel so she could go for a run.  Having asked plenty of people for the same type of assistance I could hardly say no. Plus Elena and Rachel like to play together.  I decided to take them to the pool.  They had a lot of fun, and Ryan even came to play too.  Unfortunately Elena hit a brick wall of tired and wouldn’t stop crying for about the last 40 minutes.  Rachel was great.  Here’s a picture of them before things got terrible.

serenity at the baby pool

serenity at the baby pool

(2) Because I am a terrible mother, we were home and resting for slightly more than an hour before our next activity – Stacey & Frank stopped by on their way home from Erie to get ice cream and hang out for a bit. Elena pulled it together for ice cream and for some quality time with Frank.

she likes Frank

she likes Frank

(3) We have three tomato plants in our back yard “garden” (which consists entirely of three tomato plants and two basil plants). I am truly considering taking up canning next year because we have had an insane number of tomatoes in the past two weeks. (I’m not really going to take up canning. Canning seems insanely complicated. This is one of the things that my dad’s dad used to do all the time and I wish he were around to show me how to do it. That and playing the accordion.)

It makes me sad, because what I wouldn’t do for a gorgeous fresh tomato in the middle of the winter, and here I’ve got so many that I’m not able to eat them all. I’ve been making sauce the past few Sundays. I made a ton of sauce this Sunday. That reminds me that I need to remember to put it in the freezer. Maybe we can have some reminder of summer later.

crazy tomato

crazy tomato

(4) Another Pirates game! What the heck, bandwagonner?? No, I’m NOT a bandwagonner, although we have gone to more games this year (5) than we usually do (I’d say we usually do 3 give or take). Patrick at work organized a group to go together, but then the only people that actually made it past the pregame tailgate were Mitch, Nate and April. That was fine with us because we had room to stretch out. Elena came with us to this one and generally had a good time (probably because she was permitted to eat fries for longer than I thought necessary). Elena’s new food experience this week was “Old Bay seasoning.” Does that count?

pirates game #5

pirates game #5

(5) Unrelated to fries, Elena caught some stomach bug that was going around her school and she and I stayed home on Tuesday. This is literally the second or third time I’ve stayed home with her when she’s been sick. This is due to a combination of her only getting sick when Grandma Patty is not working, and her generally not getting sick very often at all. I sort of like it when she’s sick with stomach bug because the “should she stay home” line is very clear. She wasn’t too sick, but I think the day of rest did us both some good. Here’s a picture she took of me.

sick day

sick day


6 thoughts on “Five Things I Did This Week


    That picture of Frank makes me want to go home and get pregnant and have a baby tomorrow afternoon so I can quit my job and that can happen all day, err day for the rest of our lives. I have all the feels.

    ALSO. I read somewhere, that you can like…wrap green tomatoes in newspaper and put them on a shelf in a closet and they ripen over the winter. And you have fresh tomatoes over the winter. That scared me, so I didn’t do it. We planted TWO tomato plants. We have 6. Rogue plants came up from last year. It’s sort of creepy. WHAT DO WE DO WITH ALL OF THESE TOMATOES?

  2. You can freeze tomatoes and then use them later in things that call for cooking tomatoes. It will make your life easier if you peel them first though. I mean, your life won’t be easier while peeling, but at least you won’t have to deal with the skins once you thaw/cook them later.

  3. I wish you knew how to play the accordian! I would introduce you to people at the Pie Party as “my friend Sandy; she can play the accordian.”

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