The End of the Summer

Traditionally, summer is my favorite season, although now that my world is not ruled by the school year (at least for another two years) my favorite time of the year is late summer/early fall. Nevertheless there’s always something bittersweet about the end of August and feeling like you must squeeze in every last summery thing before being covered in snow for eight straight months.

New Bike!

New Bike!

Elena’s birthday is in January and she won’t switch rooms at her school until then. Some of her little friends switched rooms (and apparently she’s not too happy about them not being around all the time). Also Grandma Patty went back to work so Elena will be going back to Bea’s for Fridays. But otherwise we don’t have any major school-based changes for her now that the school year has started. That will come for her soon enough.

Pool Party

Pool Party

Also, since the baby is coming fairly soon I feel very much how this end of the summer time is also the end of our time as a three-person one-cat little family. I’m sure it will all be good things, expanding our little family to four-person, but it’s a change, and we’ll all be affected by it, and so I’m feeling very strongly how the end of how things are right now.

Change is good and necessary, but change is difficult and emotional. The year Elena was born, I got a new job and we moved from Wheeling to Pittsburgh. I’m obviously happy that all those things happened but it was a very emotionally exhausting year and we needed to just live for a while after that. Now it’s time for more change, because we can’t just stagnate.

I’ve been saying for months that I just want it to be next spring already. I want the baby to be old enough to be cute and non-scary, and for us to all be used to her being around. I want to be able to run, and play hockey, and to bend over to pick something up without feeling like I might not be able to stand up again. I want things to be settled again after this period of being unsettled. Who knows what next spring will look like? I guess we’ll have to make it through the fall and winter to see.


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