Not Labor Day

Doesn’t seem like I’m going to be having a baby today (although I guess technically it is still early and I could be taking this back). Possibly because I’m an only child, I have enjoying comparing pregnancy experiences so far.

Elena: born 3 weeks early (technically at week 36, day 6)
This new baby: still not born yet (I am at week 37, day 3, so the baby is not late, but she is later than Elena was)

Elena: going into labor was a complete surprise
This new baby: I’ve been convinced on at least three occasions that it will be happening today, we will be heading to the hospital in the next 3-6 hours – and I’ve clearly been wrong each time. I am able to recognize a contraction this time, but my water broke before I had any real contractions last time so I am inexperienced in the whole “timing contractions” thing, and I think I’ve only had the false labor ones (I think)

Elena: we did not have the carseat in the car (sort of the first thing you need!)
This new baby: carseat is ready to go, AND we know how to install it and everything!

Elena: moved around some
This new baby: goes jogging daily

Elena: I was so convinced I would be having a giant baby that we had NO newborn outfits for her, and then she was small, and she looked like a hobo for her first six weeks
This new baby: plenty of newborn clothes washed and ready to go; baby will probably be 11 pounds at birth

Elena: I had to share a room at the hospital the first night
This new baby: I will CUT SOMEONE if that happens
(I’m sure the contrast of birth and hospital experiences will be worthy of a completely separate post.)

We’re at about the same place with picking out a name as we were with Elena (as in, we have our list and will decide after the baby is born). I think the nursery was pretty well ready when Elena was born, and new baby’s nursery is ready. I wouldn’t say the pregnancies have been completely different since I’ve felt more or less OK through both of them and have had the same attitude toward them.


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