When I was growing up, I had this Play-Doh head that you could make teeth for. Here, I found a picture of it on teh interwebz.

Open wide!

Open wide!

Despite my fond memories of making Play-Doh teeth for this gentleman, my trips to the dentist were not full of joy and wonder. Probably due to my intense fondness for juice.

This party's going to be off the hook*

This party’s going to be off the hook*

I had a fair number of cavities. I also had an overbite, not to the extent that I needed braces, but I did need…The Appliance.

The Appliance

The Appliance

I can practically still taste it in my mouth. And I was really horrible about wearing it too. I’m not entirely sure how I don’t still have an overbite.

There are two incidents that are tied for first (last?) in my History of Teeth.

1. Sophomore year of college, for some unknown reason, I stored my toothbrush upside down in my cup all year. COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE DIRTY, YO. I came home that summer with FIVE cavities, one of which required a root canal. I vowed to take better care of my teeth, and for the most part I have, except for the time…

2. About 8 years ago I was playing flag football without a mouth guard and ran my mouth into someone’s shoulder playing D on a 4th and 1 (and didn’t even get the damn flag) and knocked one of my front teeth off the root. It required two root canals and ultimately I had to get a veneer.

Because I am became a crazy teeth person as a result of #1, I have a really fantastic dentist, who fixed my #2 issue such that you can’t even tell it’s not a real tooth. (You didn’t know, did you?)

Elena’s started to go to the dentist, which is what made me write about it. We’re trying to switch her from the starter toothpaste to the fluoride toothpaste and she doesn’t like the taste. We’ve tried a couple of different flavors and I think it’s just, I don’t know, maybe too strong for her or something? I mean, it’s bubble gum flavor and is also pink and has princesses on it. Come on. Obviously she’s going to have to cave sooner or later, but we would all prefer keeping the screaming to a minimum.

Do any parents have any tips on incorporating a new toothpaste?

*OK, I just got that “hook” double reference. I feel shame.


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