Perfect Pittsburgh Sunday

Sunday afternoons in Pittsburgh come autumn time are dominated by watching and cheering on dem Stillers. This usually equates to a day full of fun, but special circumstances such as bye weeks and truly horrendous seasons call for other enjoyable activities to keep us all entertained. Check out this link to read what a bunch of Pittsburgh bloggers suggest you do to make your fall Sunday perfect!

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that I have just generic “children” on this Perfect Pittsburgh Sunday (let’s call them Generic Children), and not “a newborn who needs to eat a lot and another child who is older and is a little sad about all the time being spent on her younger sister.”

My perfect Pittsburgh Sunday would start with a game of dek hockey in the morning. Sunday dek hockey involves the Dekhounds organization. The game would be either co-ed or possibly a Queen of the Dek (ladies only!) game. Regardless, whatever team I was on would win. There would be enough subs that I didn’t feel like I was going to die during the game, but not so many that it was pointless for me to show up. It would not be necessary for me to score, but I would want a favorable plus/minus and possibly an assist. There would be time for chatting with hockey friends after the game. Ben and I would be playing on the same team.

After hockey, through magic, Ben and I would quickly be showered and would meet our Generic Children for brunch. Someone else will have dressed them and given them a small snack to tide them over. We would either be eating brunch at Pamela’s Diner (my preferred locations are the Strip District and Millvale) or Point Brugge. The Generic Children would happily eat the food they’ve selected. Nothing would get spilled. There would be no screaming.

After brunch, we would all come home and everyone would have rest time. There would be no screaming. Since I don’t normally nap, I would take this opportunity to start cooking something for dinner. All my ingredients would have already been purchased. Nothing has gone bad since I’ve purchased it. There would be no need for another trip to the store for non-slimy carrots or an extra one half cup of flour. The recipe would be interesting and would come out perfectly. There would also be time to make dessert.

Next there would be outdoor play with the Generic Children and some Friends of Generic Children (preferably some of the friends whose parents are people I like – which I guess is all their friends, so, win). Everyone would play together happily. There would be no screaming. I would be able to chat with Parents of Friends of Generic Children.

Following this, we’d all head home to eat the delicious food I’d made. Everyone would be happy with the food and eat a decent amount of it without complaining. There would be no screaming. We would all enjoy the dessert. Since this is a perfect day, the Generic Children would then put themselves to bed while I prepared my lunches for the week. I would then finish the day up with a new episode of a show such as Mad Men, Downton Abbey, or Call the Midwife. I would be in bed at a reasonable time.

So, to summarize my Perfect Pittsburgh Sunday, it involves:

  • Exercise
  • Eating
  • Friends and family
  • No screaming
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