Weeks 3 & 4

If weeks 1-2 are all about nursing, weeks 3-4 are all about reflux. This is something I conveniently forgot from Elena’s first few weeks. Apparently babies’ stomachs start to mature specifically at about 3 weeks, and in the case of my babies, they get kind of gassy and spitty.

Zoe had had milk come through her nose several times. She looks like it feels pretty unpleasant. She seems to not want to burp, so we have to hold her for long periods. She fusses and screams when she has gas or a burp, so we comfort her for a long time.

Yesterday we started giving her ginger ale and that really seems to do the trick!*

She’s four weeks old today and despite this digestion related sadness we are starting to get the hang of each other. For example we have learned that looking at a ceiling fan is a calming and enjoyable experience for her. She doesn’t mind getting a bath. She is not a huge fan of the binky. She will wear whatever I tell her to wear without complaint.

In some ways I will be happy to go back to work, but I am overall enjoying my time at home with Zoeface.

Obligatory picture.


*I’m kidding of course. We gave her plain seltzer water.


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