10 Things I Like About Work

I’ve been back to work from my maternity leave for three days now. Without intending to diminish the importance or awesomeness of my new baby, I thought it might be nice to talk about some of the reasons why this is a good thing.

(1) My coworkers are awesome. (Most of them are, anyway. You know who you are.) And I’m not just saying this because a bunch of them will probably read this. I’ve made some great friends since I’ve been here, but more importantly for purposes of this post, I have some wonderful colleagues. For the most part, people treat each other respectfully and everyone works together, or tries to, to get the job done. Also we have cake at least once a month.

(2) There are a bunch of benefits for lazy people working at a big company. Benefits such as volunteering opportunities organized for you, blood drives one floor up, a Keurig in the kitchen AND a Starbucks in the building, discounted gym memberships, elevators, pens. I love working at big companies.

(3) The mouse works on my desktop computer here. If the mouse stops working, there’s a number I can call to get a new mouse. I don’t have to take it to the store. If the internet stops working, it’s not just my problem, and I don’t have to shut anything off and on to get it to work again, because there’s people who do that. (See also #2.)

(4) It’s nice to use my brain for things. Aside from things like cake and free internet, it’s nice to have a job where I like what I do. I don’t want to get into too much detail about my job, but suffice it to say that it’s a good match for things I’m good at doing: (A) being detail-oriented to the point of obsession, (B) sending lots of emails, (C) looking up things on the internet, (D) learning a little bit of information about a lot of stuff, (E) databases, (F) being fair and open and communicative to everyone who gives you money.

(5) Everybody missed me. When the department got together to get me a present for the baby (see also #1), the overwhelming sentiment on the card was not “congratulations!” but rather “please come back after your maternity leave.” That’s nice for the old ego.

(6) Debby I and Marlene have candy and umbrellas. (See also #1 and #2.)

(7) I got a phone call from a London attorney today. And I sent pictures of my baby to an attorney in Dallas on Friday. I enjoy working with (many of) the attorneys in our firm, and it’s neat when they’re from different cities and states. (Randomly, an attorney out of our Chicago office has known a friend of mine since practically her birth, which came up after my chatting with him for 20 minutes or so about a variety of subjects.) Those of you from the south will be happy to know that the attorneys in our North Carolina offices are hands down my absolute favorite attorneys to work with.

(8) I like working downtown. We got to see the Veteran’s Day Parade from our windows today. There are a ton of great places to go to lunch or drinks. (Links to some of my favorite.)

Just a regular old Monday

Just a regular old Monday

(9) We come across weird stuff like this or this, and then we can laugh about it for days/weeks/months/all eternity.

(10) I don’t cry myself to sleep at night on Sunday night because I’d rather be at home with the baby than going to my miserable job on Monday morning. (See 1-9 above.) You can only leave your kiddos at day care if you’re not going to a job that makes you miserable. I miss Elena and Zoe (and Ben I guess)(and also the cat)(and my back porch) when I’m at work, but it’s ok, because I like work.


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