The Next Big Thing

I’ve been thinking about what my next project/set of goals/interesting thing I’m going to do should be.

(1) We’re done having children – so while I’m wavering through today on six hours of interrupted sleep, that won’t be the norm in a few months / ever again (KNOCK ON WOOD).
(2) We’re not home enough to get a dog.
(3) I’m at a good place with my job.
(4) Since I have two kids now I’m probably not going to be able to play quite as much hockey. Also, I’m getting a little older AND the people who play hockey play six times a week, so my skill level relative to everyone else is going to start a pretty severe downward skid.
(5) I love watching TV and drinking wine but you can do that so much.
(6) I think I might be addicted to my iPhone.
(7) All the money that we used to spend on vacations will now be spent on daycare.

This is not to say I don’t like my life now. I am just sensitive to the fact that change is inevitable, and why not make the most of my time? I feel like there’s some sort of creative and interesting project inside me and I’m ready to take some time to start figuring out what it’s going to be.

So what’s my plan?
(1) Try some new stuff. When I first moved back to Pittsburgh, I went out a lot with a bunch of different groups of people. It was like trying friends on for size. I enjoyed everyone, but certain people stuck and certain people did not stick. I will need to do this again, but with activities rather than groups of people.
(2) Research and talking to people about things. People do neat things. And you can’t do what you don’t know about.
(3) Put down the iPhone, turn off the TV. Obviously I don’t need to drink less wine. That’s crazy. But I am not maximizing my down time. (I mean, right now I am maximizing my down time, because I only have 20 minutes a day of down time. But theoretically the baby will not be eating 8 hours out of the day for very long.)

All this sounds very vague right now because (A) it is very vague right now and (B) I am very tired right now. But I wanted to do some posts about something other than children, and this is all I’ve got. Which is to say: stay tuned; watch this space.


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