Time for Fun

I bought season tickets for Elena and I for the Pittsburgh Children’s Theater this year. I thought it would be something nice for us to do together, just us. The first show was Peter Pan, which we enjoyed.

The second show, called Time for Fun by the Hand Made Theatre, was blog post worthy.

Time For Fun - picture from the Tribune Review (linked)

Time For Fun – picture from the Tribune Review (linked)

I did not take any pictures of the show, as we were cautioned not to. I found a clearly bootleg video on YouTube, so I’m not going to link to it.

The group is from Russia, and they do interesting things with their hands and arms and feet. They made shapes and words and tableaus and it was generally really neat and interesting and hard to explain (why I’m attempting to write a blog post about it is a good question!). I would say it was most like going to see a dance group perform. A few early skits revolved around ballet (my favorite was the Swan Lake bit) which, you know, Russia.

Elena generally really enjoyed it. It’s funny to go to a show with her because she’ll clap or laugh when she hears other people clapping or laughing, and not necessarily because she enjoys something or thinks it’s funny. They did some crowd-pleasing local sports references and everyone was all excited, including Elena, even though she can’t actually read and has sort of only a vague idea of the names of the various sports teams around here in any event.

Ready for fun

Ready for fun

Most of the little skits were happy and upbeat, but there was one early on that made me think, oh yeah, these people are from Russia, where everything is large and bold and depressing all the time. (A generalization I’ve garnered from Russian literature and theater.) I was slightly worried that they were all going to be esoteric and ponderous, but other than that one they were not.

At one point Elena told me the show was “too long for me” (it was only an hour). I could see where a three year old might get bored with an hour long show (although that was not an issue with My Little Ponies this morning), but it was a perfect length for me. And I offered up leaving early as an option and she wasn’t interested, so I guess she wasn’t all that bored!

Overall it was really a cool event – both creative and accessible. It made me feel like a culture champ for taking my almost four year old daughter to it. There are a couple other performances this week, so if you’re able you should definitely check it out!


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